London Sports Orthopaedics launches new Emergency Trauma Service

Trauma service


For patients with fresh acute orthopaedic trauma or ‘red flag’ symptoms needing urgent consultant input, LSO now has a specific new fast-track process where your referrals will be seen to urgently.


Examples might be:

· A patient who has just injured themselves skiing, receiving local primary care, but knowing they need definitive care on return to the UK, perhaps referring themselves directly.
· A patient admitted overnight via the NHS emergency service, realising the next day that they have insurance and having just discovered that their emergency surgery has been postponed due to a more urgent case.
· A patient who has just injured themselves in The City and who has not yet attended any emergency service.

Patients can self-refer or be referred by a physio, a GP or another hospital consultant.

LSO will then triage the case rapidly and allocate the most appropriate specialised orthopaedic consultant – all of whom have extensive trauma experience. The hospital bed will be arranged if necessary, any patient or any insurance queries answered, and specialist equipment arranged, if this needs to be ordered. It may be possible to reassure some patients that in some cases a short delay in treatment will not affect their outcome, and a more convenient management timeline could be arranged (for example, at the end of a patient’s holiday rather than flying back home urgently).

A consultation or direct hospital transfer will then be arranged. Occasionally, the first meeting with the consultant might be on the ward (for example in the case of hospital to hospital transfer), but this would be unusual.

LSO has consultants covering all parts of the body, who have access to operating theatres at short notice and who can fix any orthopaedic injury urgently. Regardless of injury site, anyone who needs an urgent operation can be assured that with a single call to LSO they are going to be managed efficiently and to the highest possible standards.

Please use whichever is most convenient for you:

1. Call us: 0207 496 3543
2. Email us:
3. Or, please use the form in this link:

The LSO Emergency Trauma Service is available

Monday to Thursday, 8am to 8pm

Fridays, 8am to 6pm.



5 January 2017


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