Alison Eze

 Total Hip Replacement

I would most definitely recommend Paul Culpan and the staff at the London Sports Orthopaedics and London Bridge Hospital if you were considering undergoing a hip replacement.  Despite suffering with chronic hip and back pain for a number of years, I was shocked when a hip replacement was recommended at only the age of 43. At that time and considering myself too young for a surgery traditionally for the older generation, I did not pursue the surgery option any further.   By this year, four years later, I had had enough of the pain and walking lop sided as my left leg was shorter than the right one due to my hip protruding into pelvic area and causing misalignment and movement of pelvis. My family, friends and work colleagues nagged me to go back to consultant as they could see it was affecting my quality of life and my spirit.  I began the consultation process at the end of May, enjoyed a summer break and by the beginning of September, I was fitted with a custom-made hip.   I was up and about the day after my surgery with the aid of crutches and was discharged from hospital 3 days post operative.  The nursing and physio staff at London Bridge Hospital were all wonderful. I was amazed by the speed of my recovery at home and it felt great to enjoy uninterrupted pain free sleep. Within two weeks, I was having weekly physiotherapist appointments (five sessions) where I leant strengthening exercises and had to retrain my brain to walk normally having walked with a poor gait and limp for so long due to prior leg length difference. Returning to work within five weeks, I could to say to my work colleagues who had pushed me for so long to have the operation that I was so glad I had finally had it done, why had I put it off!?   It feels great to be living life as actively as I should for a 47 year-old.  Thanks to all!

5 September 2016

Patient photo