Corinne Ramskill

  Total hip replacement

Dear Paul,

Just thought I would contact you to express  my overall experience of having my hip replacement operation.

We first met on the 26th April for consultation followed by the operation on the 25th May and the follow up visit six weeks later.

My first visit to you on the 26th April was very welcoming and informative and left me feeling confident about my forthcoming operation. Much correspondence was exchanged with Tayla, your secretary, and she was very helpful in making sure all the pre – operation procedures went smoothly.

The operation took place on the 25th May and I spent three nights in the hospital during which you contacted me each day to make sure everything was going to plan. The hospital staff and the facilities were of the highest standard. Following the operation it was indicated that my recovery period would be approximately six weeks. During this time I had physio sessions to aid my recovery. I was down to one crutch after two weeks and a walking stick after five weeks, and able to play five holes of golf after six weeks. This was amazing and it was fantastic to be pain free.

My post operation visit with you after six weeks was again very informative and reassuring, especially, as you were impressed by the “Alter G Anti Gravity” treadmill used by my Physiotherapist. It was good to know you took time to telephone my physio to check the state of my recovery.

In conclusion the successful operation means that I now can enjoy my sporting life.

Many thanks to you and your team.

Best regards

9 August 2016