Eve Wilson


I had, for over three years, suffered from pain at the base of my thumb, which was caused by arthritis and was steadily increasing. This not only woke me at times during the night, it also prevented me from enjoying my hobbies, e.g., using weights at the gym,  knitting etc.  My GP was dismissive and told me it was something ‘everyone gets when they get older , so, eventually, I asked to be referred to Mr Tahmassebi’s clinic, as I read he had a very good reputation. He was so understanding about my condition and talked me through the various options available. From the initial contact, I felt totally confident in his ability to fix the problem. He operated three months ago and my hand is now fully-functional without any pain; I also have minimal scarring which is almost invisible.  I can’t speak highly enough of Mr Tahmassebi and his team: I couldn’t have received better treatment anywhere and I have even taken up knitting and weight-lifting again!

16 February 2016