James Buckley

 Total Hip Replacement

Dr Culpan undertook a successful complex hip replacement on my left hip in October 2016. I decided to go with Dr Culpan because of his experience in dealing with complex hip surgery – I had Perthes disease in both my hips when I was younger and quite severe femoral head deformity in the left hip as a result. I was also impressed with his confidence about the specific type of surgery and hip I would require. He recommended a custom-built cement-less ceramic-on-ceramic hip made by Symbios. This was on the basis that a custom-built stem – designed specifically for my hip based on a CT scan analysis – would result in a more successful outcome with my particular Perthes-related pathology; while the ceramic-on-ceramic models are expected to have much greater longevity than metal or plastic, and I’m still young-ish (38 at the time of operation). I set myself and Dr Culpan three goals for how I’d measure the success of the operation: if it removed the limp I’ve had since childhood; if it gave me sufficient flexibility to be able to do up my shoelace in a conventional manner (my Perthes resulted in significant restrictions in my hip flexion); and if I was still able to do dinghy yacht racing after the operation. On these measures alone the operation has been a success. I’ve not been back in a dinghy yet but I don’t think it will be an issue. I’m now limp free about 80% of the time (and still improving) and able to do up my shoe lace in an almost conventional manner (and still improving). More generally I’m able to walk long distances without the arthritic pain of before, and feel just like a normal person. Throughout the process Dr Culpan was friendly, open and approachable, and the experience couldn’t really have gone better given the underlying issues I had. If and when I need to get the other hip replaced I will definitely use him again.

6 February 2017