Keith Taylor

 Hip Replacement

I had a replacement left hip at London Bridge Hospital under the care of Mr Paul Jairaj.

Six months later, except for a small scar on my buttock it would not be possible to know that I ever had a problem. I am 62 and have just been rock climbing without any worry or problem.

Within a few hours of the operation I was on my feet with crutches and the next morning walking with crutches up and down the ward. I abandoned the crutches in less than a week. Three weeks after the operation I walked my daughter down the aisle without a limp and six weeks after the operation I was cycling and playing full rounds of golf. The speed of recovery depends on your motivation and effort in the physiotherapy however without any doubt the key ingredients are the custom made hip joint and Paul’s skill.

I was very impressed with Paul’s ability to explain, the problem, what is needed, how its going happen and to put you at ease with the process at all stages. His communication before and after the surgery is exceptional, not only to me but also to my wife.

Lastly I must also commend the skill, care and attention of the staff at the London Bridge Hospital.

28 November 2017

Patient photo