Olenka Tomaszewska

 Spinal Surgery

Mr Anwar!
I am writing to thank you and all your team for the treatment I have received while I have been a patient of yours undergoing spinal surgeries.
During my stays in hospital the staff were tremendous and always so caring and helpful.
As you may recall when we last met, I told you that there were times when I felt that it all seemed pretty hopeless especially as my physical difficulties were compounded by my losing my position at work causing a great deal of emotional stress.
Under your care, I have indeed thrived and am now a more mobile and positive person. With this in mind, should there be an occasion where I can be of assistance to anyone who may be in a similar situation to the one that I experienced, please bear me in mind. I cannot thank you enough.
I am also appreciative that whenever I attended a clinic you gave me all the time and attention I needed to make me feel comfortable. You explained thoroughly what was involved and as a patient that gave me a lot of confidence before and after my surgeries.
I would not hesitate to recommend you Mr Anwar as a surgeon. I think you are quite brilliant!
My heartfelt thanks,

8 November 2016