Susan Young

 Hamstring Reconstruction

Treatment received:  Hamstring reconstruction (grade 3 avulsion)

Doctor: Mr Paul Culpan

Feedback: I tore my hamstring completely following a waterskiing injury in 2015 and following initial misdiagnosis elsewhere, I was referred to London Sports Orthopaedics in November 2015. The injury was identified with the utmost expediency by Paul Culpan and his colleagues and my surgery took place in early December.
Paul was clear in his explanations, sympathetic and utterly professional throughout my treatment and aftercare. He didn’t sugar coat the prognosis –  I had to stay off the water for a whole year which wasn’t easy, but I used the time constructively to work with the excellent physiotherapists he recommended and now two years on, I am almost back to my level of activity pre-injury, but with a more cautious approach which was perhaps lacking before. I cannot thank him enough. Give him your trust and patience and you will get a lot more back in return. Thank you Paul and London Sports Ortho! (Photo taken 13th August 2017)

25 September 2017