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Alex Demidov

 Tennis Elbow

Thanks Ramon for the successful treatment of my chronic Tennis elbow. Finally pain free after so many years!!! You guys made it possible for me to take part in the tournament of a lifetime… And despite me being out of form after not playing for so long I managed to keep up with Goran… (at... Continue reading

23 March 2016


 Midfoot reconstruction following severe multi-joint fracture dislocation

I was treated by Ali Abbasian following a serious motorcycle accident. The damage to my foot was substantial, and Ali had to rebuild it using numerous plates and screws. I am now walking normally, and even back riding a motorcycle again. I truly believe that if it wasn’t for Ali’s experience, expertise and excellent surgical... Continue reading

8 March 2016

Kevin James

 Radio-scapholunate fusion

I came to Ramon with serious pain in my wrist as a result of a torn ligament which had not healed and resulted in arthritis developing in my bones. Not only was the prognosis very bad but, left untreated, it likely meant the end of my competitive tennis and squash days – as well as... Continue reading

23 February 2016

Natalya Beam

 Bunion removal

I had the most positive experience with Dr Abbasian.  I had complete confidence in his professionalism from the very first appointment.  Dr Abbasian is a wonderful surgeon with great personality and individual approach to each patient.  I felt well cared for and am completely satisfied with the outcome of my procedure.  It is important to... Continue reading

23 February 2016

Eve Wilson


I had, for over three years, suffered from pain at the base of my thumb, which was caused by arthritis and was steadily increasing. This not only woke me at times during the night, it also prevented me from enjoying my hobbies, e.g., using weights at the gym,  knitting etc.  My GP was dismissive and... Continue reading

16 February 2016

Paul Riley

 Bilateral Total Hip Replacement

I have had 2 total hip implants done by Paul at London Bridge Hospital, with about a 6 month gap between them. The results have been impressive with pain levels never over a 1 or 2 out of 10 even immediately after the operation. The scar itself is very small and the joint amazingly flexible.... Continue reading

13 February 2016

Louise Ayling

Louise Ayling

 ACL reconstruction

I would highly recommend Ian McDermott to anybody contemplating knee surgery. His professionalism, attention to detail and knowledge (and experience) of current medical research gave me the confidence to go ahead [with an ACL reconstruction plus meniscal allograft transplantation]. Continue reading

1 September 2015

Charly Tomkys

Charly Tomkys

 Wrist Surgery

Hi Livio, So it is now official, 6.5 months after surgery and I can hold a handstand for 10 seconds! It is safe to say the surgery worked and I am certainly happy we all went ahead with it. A huge thank you for all the hard work and dedication you have put into making... Continue reading

3 January 2016

Rayner Butler

Rayner Butler

 Achilles tendon reconstruction

Having suffered a particularly nasty rupture of my Achilles’ tendon in May I was recommended the expertise of Mr Abbasian. My surgery was complicated and resulted in a reconstruction involving my big toe tendon. Not only was Mr Abbasian technically excellent, resulting in a fully functional Achilles’ tendon, I have never experienced such passion and... Continue reading

8 December 2015

Mary WolffIngham

Mary Wolff-Ingham

 Knee replacement

Dear Mr McDermott, I was cycling past London Bridge Hospital on Monday and thought of you! I can’t believe how different I feel six months on since you replaced my knee. I wanted to write and thank you properly for doing such a wonderful job; for being such a skilled surgeon but also for the... Continue reading

7 May 2015

Kirsty Fox

Kirsty Fox

 Shoulder Surgery

Hi Livio, You completed an arthroscopic stabilisation back in February 2014. I was desperate to get back to Crossfit and weightlifting and was worried I would not be able to do so! Well today I got my ‘milestone’ snatch. It has been my end of year goal and a weight I never ever thought I... Continue reading

3 January 2016

Sarah Conway

Sarah Conway

 Meniscal Transplantation

While I was living in London to pursue a Master’s degree at the London School of Economics & Political Science, I found Ian at the 31 Old Broad Street practice. My knee had been bothering me quite a bit in the weeks prior and I was feeling increasingly concerned about its state. Over the two... Continue reading

19 April 2013

Neil Murphy

Neil Murphy

 Elbow Surgery

Just thought I’d send you a quick message to thank you for making the whole process as quick and simple (and relatively painless) as possible for me. I have been highly impressed with how professional and ‘genuinely’ interested you have been in my treatment (unfortunately it seems to be a bit of a rarity with... Continue reading

3 January 2016

Cleo Biron

Cléo Biron

 Medial Plica Syndrome

I am a keen long distance runner and have taken part in a number of marathons and Ironman triathlon events. I have never had any problems with my knees in the past. One day as I set out on a regular Saturday morning run I immediately felt something was feeling ‘off’ with my right knee.... Continue reading

3 January 2016

Patient photo

Ms Annabel Brown

 Hip replacement

Having suffered pain in my hip for 3 years and finding it increasingly frustrating in my job as a Personal Trainer, my physio recommended I see Mr Jairaj with a view to having a hip replacement. Mr Jairaj convinced me that a hip replacement (despite my relatively young age) was definitely worth doing. The operation... Continue reading

27 August 2015

Patient photo

Mr Michael Kane

 Knee replacement

Dear Ian, 6 weeks on from my knee replacement surgery and I am pleased to tell you that the new knee is doing really well. I have been able to get a good angle of approx. 110 degrees at present, and I am so pleased with the results. I would like to take this opportunity... Continue reading

15 August 2015

Sue Banbury

 Hip replacement

I was referred to Paul Jairaj by my physiotherapist at the end of 2012 for hip pain. He recommended a hip replacement then, but it has taken me over two years to pluck up courage to have the operation. Finally, I was in so much pain, particularly at night, and went back to see Paul... Continue reading

13 August 2015

Patient photo

Elizabeth Phu

 ACL Reconstruction

I first saw Mr Atkinson in June 2014 and he was very friendly and understood why I was getting frustrated. I had keyhole surgery in August and he confirmed my fears that I had torn my ACL, which meant I needed a full reconstruction. I decided to have the full surgery in November. Throughout this... Continue reading

17 April 2015