Anaesthetic services for London Sports Orthopaedics patients are provided by highly experienced Consultant Anaesthetists.This includes the administration of general anaesthetics or intravenous sedation, and the use of regional anaesthesia such as epidural injections, spinal injections and nerve blocks.

Our anaesthetists routinely carry out a pre-operative assessment on every patient requiring an operation, in order to evaluate their fitness for anaesthesia and plan the most appropriate anaesthetic technique. After the operation they follow you closely to ensure that any pain caused by your operation is well controlled. They also make sure that any problems related to the anaesthetic, such as nausea, are dealt with and that you are progressing well with your recovery.

Training as an anaesthetist in the United Kingdom involves the completion of a medical degree (5 to 6 years) followed by a long period of postgraduate training in several different hospitals (another 7 to 9 years) and the completion of specialist examinations. All Consultant Anaesthetists working with London Sports Orthopaedics have been appointed to Consultant Anaesthetist positions in NHS hospitals.They are all registered on the Specialist Register of the General Medical Council for Anaesthetics and are Fellows of the Royal College of Anaesthetists, whose exemplary standards they undertake to uphold. Finally,they are all fully accredited with all the major UK health-insurance companies.