Complex Knee Conditions – 2nd Opinion Service

Can I see Mr McDermott to get a 2nd opinion for my knee condition?

Mr McDermott regularly sees patients requesting a 2nd opinion on their knee issues. This is most frequently because:

  • another consultant has suggested knee surgery, but they are unconvinced that this is actually necessary,
  • they have been advised to have a course of physio treatments, but they are unconvinced that this will solve the problem,
  • they have seen several different consultants, physios and/or other Allied Healthcare Professionals, but haven’t received a definitive diagnosis or improvement in their condition, or
  • they have a complex knee condition that needs an expert consultant who is highly experienced in treating specific and difficult knee conditions and who performs complex cutting-edge state-of-the-art knee surgery.

Whatever the reason, you can simply book an appointment by contacting Mr McDermott’s medical secretary on 0207 496 3553.

What will the consultation involve and how long will it last?

Consultations for complex knee problems and second opinions last 1 hour. Complex cases require a lot more time and simply cannot be done properly in a standard ½-hour clinic slot (which is the normal appointment time for ‘routine’ knee problems).  This is because:

  • Mr McDermott will start by taking a full and detailed history (which in itself, can often be lengthy and complex),
  • the patient’s knee then needs to be thoroughly examined,
  • the patient’s existing imaging / scans will need to be reviewed in detail,
  • time is needed to explain and discuss the diagnosis.  This frequently involves Mr McDermott spending time unravelling and debunking the misinformation that patients have been given by other Allied Healthcare Professionals and/or the patient’s previous knee surgeon(s), and
  • it is only then, once all of the above has been covered, a detailed discussion about the pros and cons of specific treatment options can take place. This might require a lengthy discussion about what potential surgical solutions might be suitable, what that might involve, the risks, the rehab that will be required, the likely anticipated success rates and the potential consequences for the longer-term future.

If you know that your knee problem is complex, if you have a long and convoluted history of issues, if you’ve had previous operations on your knee elsewhere, and particularly if you’ve already seen another consultant but you’re seeking a second opinion, then it’s important that you let us know at the time that you book your appointment.  This will ensure you are offered a 1-hour slot with Mr McDermott and ensure you spend enough time with him to gain the expert second opinion you are seeking and discuss potential treatment options.

How much will the consultation cost?

The cost of a 1-hour consultation for complex cases / second opinions is £500. This is more than Mr McDermott’s charges for a standard ½-hour clinic slot (£300) for the reasons outlined above.

If you have private medical insurance, then your insurers might cover this in full, but in the majority of cases the insurer may only cover part of the fee, in which case the remainder will need to be covered by you, the patient (i.e. as an insurance short-fall).

For more information about paying for your own treatment see here.

Should I bring my previous imaging (e.g. MRI scans / X-rays), or will I need fresh imaging?

If you’ve had previous imaging and/or you’ve had previous arthroscopic surgery (and you have any pictures or videos from the surgery) then please bring this with you to your appointment.

If you don’t yet have any imaging of your knee, but you’re confident that you are going to need it, or if you do have previous imaging but it’s more than a year old, then please let us know in advance of your appointment.  This will ensure we can arrange for you to have relevant up-to-date imaging of your knee prior to you seeing Mr McDermott, if required. Often, this can be done all on the same day, with you having the imaging first and then seeing Mr McDermott afterwards, to avoid multiple different visits to the clinic.

What will my consultation cover?

You will receive an extremely thorough and in-depth consultation, covering the following:

  • a full review of your medical history relating to your knee condition,
  • a detailed clinical examination of your knee,
  • a thorough review of all existing scans and imaging that you might have of your knee.

Mr McDermott will then provide you with:

  • a definitive diagnosis of your knee condition,
  • an objective, independent, expert opinion on the best possible options to successfully treat your knee,
  • a detailed discussion exploring each treatment option, the pros & cons of each, and expected success rate

What happens after the consultation?

Following your consultation, you will receive a very detailed letter from Mr McDermott, outlining everything that he discussed with you during your appointment; clarifying the diagnosis and his recommendations for treatment options, based on his expert opinion.

You are under no obligation whatsoever to proceed with any of the recommended treatment(s) with Mr McDermott. However, should you choose to do so, your treatment plan (be it surgery or non-surgical management) can be organised for you when you feel ready to proceed.

Will I need a follow up appointment and how much will this cost?

Sometimes, with particularly complex cases, even a 1 hour appointment might not be enough for you to come to come to a decision about which of the treatment options to proceed with.  When this is the case, Mr McDermott might send you for further imaging (if needed) and provide you with additional information (e.g. e-mail you articles, advice sheets and/or links to specific webpages) to help you decide on which treatment options you feel are right for you.  He might then also recommend you come back for a follow-up appointment to discuss things further before coming to any final conclusions or making any specific plans for any actual surgery.

A follow up appointment would last 25 mins and cost £200.

What do patients think of Mr McDermott’s 2nd Opinion Service?  

“I came to see Mr McDermott because I felt the need to get a second opinion. I was prepared to pay for this myself to put my mind at rest. Thank goodness I did. After being passed from pillar-to-post by other medical professionals, with no clear answers or solutions, I finally got a definitive diagnosis and I was told I didn’t need surgery!  The consultation fee was a very small price to pay when I consider what I might have gone through!” 

I’d been to see two other Orthopaedic Surgeons before I came to see you. I didn’t feel comfortable or have confidence in either of them. You were definitely worth the wait! As soon as I met you, I knew I could trust you with my knee. You were so ‘cutting edge’ and clearly top in your field. I appreciated your directness, honesty and for taking the time to explain knee surgery options in such simple terms, but never rushed or pressurised me into having surgery. Instead you provided me with all the information; guidance and reassurance I needed to make that decision myselfI would have no hesitation in recommending you to other patients seeking a 2nd opinion. For me, it was money well spent and I’ve never looked back! Thank you again.

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