Delighted to be out of pain and resume ‘normal’ life again!

 Knee Arthroscopy (meniscal excision)

I recently started to experience pains in my right knee, which was showing signs of wear and tear due to osteoarthritis and would regularly give way or ‘lock’. The pain was impeding my everyday life and affecting my ability to drive as well as restricting my movement in general. I was constantly in pain and my sleeping patterns were being affected.

After an initial consultation with Vipin Asopa and impressively having x-rays and MRI scans the same day, I was scheduled for an arthroscopy to help ease the pain and delay having a Total Knee Replacement, which I was keen to avoid at this time.

Surgery was scheduled quickly, and at my convenience work-wise, and I knew as soon as I came round from the operation that Vipin had helped alleviate the immediate, intense pain I had been experiencing.

I am having on-going rehab with Vipin’s preferred physiotherapist, who has been exceptional in his treatment and is also helping with on-going problems following a tendon transfer in my right foot many years ago. I am aware that further deterioration in my knee may occur, but I am delighted to be out of pain and to be able to resume ‘normal’ life again.

I found Vipin to be empathetic, respectful, friendly and above all knowledgeable and honest about the diagnosis. His advice on the most appropriate intervention needed at the time was sound, he explained the scans and imaging clearly and I felt I had all the information I needed to make my decision. I trusted his judgement completely.

Having had a highly successful iConformis Total Knee Replacement of the left knee in 2017 by Mr Ian McDermott and then a hugely successful Knee Arthroscopy with Mr Vipin Asopa in 2019, I would not hesitate to return to the London Sports Orthopaedic clinic should I need further treatment.

16 September 2019