“Exceptional … the best care I’ve ever received!”

 Knee Arthroscopy (meniscal tear)

I’ve always played a lot of sport and had a number of injuries, but I damaged my knee quite badly a number of years ago when I was at University. Since then, I just put up with having knee pain, but recently the pain just got too much. I had a constant dull ache in my knee, I couldn’t stand for longer than 20 minutes and it was constantly giving way.  I finally went to see my GP and he referred me to Mr Vipin Asopa.

Vipin explained that that my knee pain was due to a torn meniscus, most likely caused by an injury many years ago, but not picked up at the time.  I had a knee arthroscopy to repair the meniscus.  He also referred me to have an injection to treat a parameniscal cyst.

I’ve had lots of sporting injuries and seen a number of specialists in my time, but the care I received from Vipin was exceptional – the best I’ve ever received!  He is such a personable guy.  He was always contactable; approachable and very caring

I suffer from asthma and it was a particularly muggy day when I came into 31 Old Broad St. for my follow up appointment.  I’d forgotten my inhaler and unfortunately I had a flair up. The care I received from the whole team at London Sports Orthopaedics was incredible. The nursing staff were there immediately to help me; Vipin gave me a prescription for an inhaler and he texted me the next day to make sure I was doing ok.

The whole set up at London Sports Orthopaedics is superb.  It really is an exceptional facility and the care you receive is seamless – no waiting, everything is always in hand, people offer before you ask.

I’m doing well post-op.  I’m working hard on my physio, building up the muscle strength around my knee, so I can reach my goal to play impact sport again.

I would highly recommend Mr Vipin Asopa to any patient who has similar knee problems.


28 August 2019