“Having a definitive diagnosis was such a huge relief”

 PRP Injection

Five years ago I was rock climbing in the Lake District when I strained the muscles in my abdominal wall, which might have been okay had I not needed to carry on over a particularly blank and vertical section of cliff face which only made things worse. Of course, there was little other choice, bar taking a potentially nasty fall high up in the fells.

Once home again I proceeded to see a number of different doctors as well as a specialist to try and ascertain what I had done. The eventual conclusion was that I would be ‘okay’ and to take things easily until things felt better. Little did I know that this would result in the build up of a significant amount of localised scar tissue. Move to 2018 and following some further injury, I was left in a lot of pain and unable to walk properly.

I had lots of medical assessments without a firm and definitive diagnosis. I ended up seeing Dr Parmar who was able to give me a positive diagnosis – this was a huge relief. The recommended treatment was a course of PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) injections. Dr Parmar was very helpful in explaining why this approach would be suitable in his opinion and gave supporting evidence and help to get this covered by my insurance company.

After the initial treatment there was a period of recovery before the outcome of the treatment was clear. Probably at this point it would be appropriate to give a big shout out to Dr Parmar’s support colleagues who were nothing short of brilliant (especially the nurses). Whilst it wasn’t all plain sailing, I felt the level of care and support along the way was excellent – my colleagues at work know exactly were to go should they have a sports injury themselves now!

So after a period of about 6 weeks waiting for something to happen it did, and over relatively short period in my case. I would estimate I have got the vast majority of movement back to levels pre the original injury. What I can say is that prior to seeing Dr Parmar I couldn’t physically bend to do a sit up, nor could I tie my shoe laces up easily. Whilst I will not win awards for my sit ups any time soon at least I can tie up my running shoes!

Dr Dan Forbes-Ford

19 December 2018


Dr Kal Parmar