Mr Asopa’s given me 2 new hips and a new lease of life!

 Hip Replacement

My discomfort started around 6 years ago and escalated to intense pain over time. My GP prescribed painkillers and physio. Eventually I was sent for a MRI scan and it showed my right hip was rubbing bone on bone and my left hip still had a tiny bit of spacing between the ball and socket. It was only when I went back to my GP to express my concern about the amount of pain relief I was needing to get through each day that she referred me to a Musculoskeletal Practitioner.

By this time my left hip had deteriorated greatly. The way I walked was terrible. I was actually feeling embarrassed and noticing people looking at me. It got to the point that I didn’t want to go out, due to embarrassment and of course extreme discomfort.

The Musculoskeletal Practitioner followed me into her office and she said “Well Mrs Huxley I don’t need to examine you … physio and cortisone injections would be pointless in your case, so I’m referring you immediately for surgery on both hips.” 

I had an initial meeting and X-ray (my left hip was now bone on bone) with her recommended surgeon and a date was set for my right hip. Just before the surgery date, the surgeon had to go abroad unexpectedly. He contacted Mr Vipin Asopa to take over my surgery. I googled him and felt very confident.

The first time I met Mr Asopa was when I was gowned and ready to go to theatre. I couldn’t have been in better professional hands. He was very reassuring and calm and explained everything in language I understood (rather than medical jargon) and had a sense of humour.

It went without saying that I would choose Mr Asopa for my left hip replacement, which I had 18 weeks later. His care throughout was second to none. He went over and beyond. My scars have healed wonderfully.  I can for the first time in years walk upright and can do normal day to day activities without have to compensate.

Mr Asopa has not only given me 2 new hips he’s given me a new lease of life which is good for both me and my family. Our heartfelt thanks and gratitude.


18 September 2019