“Pain has gone – it’s nothing short of magical”


Over the past 10-15 years, I’ve had regular mild bouts of sciatica, but generally these only lasted only a few days and didn’t particularly affect my daily life. In November 2018 this changed. I experienced severe sciatic pain in my left leg and buttock, which affected my sleep pattern and prevented me from doing any serious exercise.

I was prescribed pain relief medication by my GP along with a recommendation for physiotherapy. After five physio sessions and a worsening of my pain, my physio and I agreed that there must be an underlying cause to the sciatic pain, that very likely could not be freed up just by manipulation and stretches. I therefore booked to see Mr Ibrahim, (who was highly recommended by the physio) and he arranged for an MRI scan.

The scan showed a large herniation of the L4/5 disc that was pressing on the nerve and causing severe pain. Mr Ibrahim explained the options for treatment very clearly and the possible consequences of each. He did this in a calm, friendly way that engendered a lot of trust from my side. I opted for surgery, over an injection, in the hope that this would provide better relief and a better long-term outcome. A microdiscectomy was scheduled for mid-January.

In the hospital, Mr Ibrahim and the anaesthetist were very reassuring and explained everything really clearly and I had full confidence in them. Immediately after the surgery, I was aware straight away that my long-standing pain was absent. The next day I was able to get up and walk and after seeing the physio and occupational health personnel, I was discharged.  I was able to walk to the station and board a train home!

I was able to come off all pain-relief (prescribed for post-operative pain) within seven days. When I saw Mr Ibrahim for a follow-up appointment two weeks after surgery, the wound had healed nicely and my symptoms entirely gone. I described my pain on a scale of 1-10 as minimal – not even a 1. When I first saw him I rated it 9 or 10.

I’m now working on my physio rehab, which is needed to build up my movement range and core strength. I’m expecting to be able to start running again shortly, within just a month of surgery.

I told Mr Ibrahim that what he had achieved was nothing short of magical and I was astounded that I was not restricted post-surgery for a longer period. I would heartily recommend Mr Ibrahim and this procedure to anyone suffering from a herniated disc.


6 February 2019