“The best sports doc ever!”

 Ultrasound guided injection

I can’t thank Kal enough, because he never gave up on me, despite all the injuries I’ve had over the years! To find someone like Kal has been incredible. I’ve seen so many different sports docs and surgeons throughout my running career, but he is simply ‘the best’. Unlike others I’ve seen, he’s listened. He believed in me. His diagnosis has always been accurate … and right first time. His expertise means he can pick up an injury on a scan that that no one else can – he’s quite remarkable.  He’s so confident – he just inspires confidence.

He’s just so knowledgeable – such an expert in his field. He’s introduced me to cutting edge treatments that nobody else has ever mentioned. Giving me Ostenil Plus was sheer genius! When I needed surgical treatment, he’s helped me find the best surgeon. When I needed a Rheumatologist, he’s also found me the best. We’ve all sat down together. His knowledge of my injuries have been shared and it makes everything so simple. That’s what makes London Sports Orthopaedics so special. They work together as a team to make sure you get the best possible treatment. I wouldn’t go anywhere else.

I gave up everything to train to be an Olympic runner, but after getting injured, I thought I’d never get back. Others dismissed me as a hopeless case, but Kal never did. He always convinced me “to give it one more try”.  And he’s always been right. Against all odds, I’m running again and it’s like a dream. I’m enjoying every moment of it.

Kal has a gift. He’s the best sports doc I’ve ever met and he’s given me my life back. Thank you Kal so very much for your constant help! I’m eternally grateful to you for not giving up on me!

Kate Reed

 Team GB 1000m track and field runner in the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.

29 November 2018


Dr Kal Parmar