“The London Sports Orthopaedics experience has been excellent”


Over the course of 12 months I had increasing back problems which was very much impeding my normal lifestyle. Having always been active, my back problems had reduced my ability to exercise and play sport, as well as making me more tentative doing simple day to day activities. Pain was always there in some manner, but was manageable, albeit it did inevitably effect sleep patterns.

Initially I had physiotherapy, but after a referral to Mr Ibrahim, I was diagnosed with herniated discs in my lower back. After a serious episode we agreed to try and treat the symptoms through further physiotherapy.  However, after a repeat episode this year, and after further consultation Mr Ibrahim, he initially performed a spinal injection to relieve the symptoms.  A few weeks later he performed a Discectomy to decompress the nerve.

I feel very positive post-surgery – particularly as Mr Ibrahim was himself very positive with how the surgery went. I am now starting a course of physiotherapy and can feel myself getting stronger every day.

The care I received from Mr Ibrahim was in a word “professional”.  I found that very reassuring!  The London Sport Orthopaedics experience has been excellent – courteous, friendly and efficient – exactly what I hoped it might be. The important thing is on top of that I have found Mr Ibrahim to be very approachable, thoughtful and knowledgeable (thankfully) throughout the process. I would add that whenever we came up with a course of treatment it felt collaborative – Mr Ibrahim is conservative in his use of surgery and will only do so if it makes sense. For me that was very important. It has left me with a very a positive impression and I would highly recommend Mr Ibrahim and London Sports Orthopaedics to friends.


28 August 2019

Patient photo