Tingling in my arm completely disappeared!

 Cervical disc replacement

I had a trapped nerve in my neck and it was incredibly painful. I was totally miserable with the pain and had an awful constant tingling in my arm. It was stopping me from sleeping, it was uncomfortable driving and I could no longer play in my Pool Team, which I really missed.

Mr Ibrahim advised that the best treatment was either a disc replacement or putting a cage in my neck to release the trapped nerve (and I had the latter). He explained everything so clearly and was so reassuring. I felt that this guy really knew what he was doing and that I could trust him and had surgery on 16th Oct 2018

When I woke up, the tingling in my arm had completely disappeared. I feel so much better now and I’m looking forward to joining my Pool Team again soon. The care I received from Mr Ibrahim was excellent. He was very happy with the way my operation has gone. I’m happy too. I would definitely recommend Mr Ibrahim to other patients who require this type of surgery.


9 November 2018