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I would highly recommend Mr Atkinson

 Achilles tendon reconstruction

I have seen Mr Atkinson on two occasions and would highly recommend him. I initially saw him for Achilles tendon reconstruction surgery and more recently for advice on tendon inflammation (unrelated issues). For both issues, Mr Atkinson displayed a high level of patient care. He thoroughly explained issues, procedures and follow up actions to me.... Continue reading

8 September 2020

It feels an immense privilege to be able to play the piano again, 100% completely pain free! Huge thanks to my surgeon, Mr Mark Phillips


I’m a professional pianist and a number of years ago, I was practising Beethoven’s 4th Piano Concerto and I started to get pain in the base of my left thumb. As the years went by, I started to experience similar problems in my right hand. Then in 2016, something serious happened. Very suddenly the final... Continue reading

23 July 2020

Dr Huntley is one of the best in the business for pain management

 Cervical Epidural Steriod Injection

Dr Huntley is knowledgeable beyond his years of experience and is no doubt one of the best in the business for pain management and anaesthetics. Having suffered for some years with chronic neck and back pain, due to compressed discs and spondylolisthesis, he prescribed a series of steroid injections, after which the pain has been... Continue reading

22 July 2020

Mr Chandrashekar completely revitalised the treatment I was receiving. I can now see the light at the end of the tunnel and can’t wait to go for long walks again, swim, and start running again!

 Internal Fixation

Meeting Mr Chandrashekar completely revitalised the treatment I was receiving. I broke my fifth metatarsal in the autumn running down the stairs preparing for a trip abroad. Ironically, I was visiting shoe factories, as I am a footwear designer. Three months passed with little significant healing. The treatment I had received before seeing Mr Chandrashekar... Continue reading

14 July 2020

I’m on top of the world and for the first time in my life it’s pain free!

 bilateral custom-made knee replacements

It’s now 2 and a bit years on since I had both of my knees replaced with you. I’m on top of the world, having skied already last year and again this week. For the first time in my life it’s pain free! I play tennis, golf and trek a lot. I’m in the gym... Continue reading

12 July 2020

I would highly recommend Mr. Chandrashekar. Thank you for the excellent work you have done on my foot!

 Bunion correction

Five months ago I had a surgery to get fixed my longtime neglected bunion that eventually caused nerve inflammation and toenail deformity. Yesterday, my final X-Ray confirmed the excellent result. It would have confirmed earlier, if not for lockdown. The fact that my first appointment was arranged with Mr Chandrashekar was a pure luck, as... Continue reading

9 July 2020

I am eternally grateful to Mr Atkinson for his care

 Achilles tendon repair

My experience of being treated by Mr Atkinson is similar to what other patients have said about him in their reviews. He obviously and clearly has the surgical skills to perform surgery, but it’s his personality, warmth and communication that stands out even more. All the way through his consultancy, Mr Atkinson was able to... Continue reading

8 July 2020

Mr Phillips is a very caring doctor. It’s been such a relief to get things sorted!


Mr Phillips is a very caring doctor and has an excellent bedside manner. He was the third consultant I’d been to, because the problem I had was so unusual, others wouldn’t deal with it and referred to other specialities. Mr Phillips was prepared to operate and it’s been such a relief to get things sorted!... Continue reading

7 July 2020

This was the best consultation I’ve had to date, despite it being on video call. Thanks to Mr Chandrashekar’s expertise, I’m now on an appropriate path

 2nd opinion

Prior to coming into Mr Chandrashekar’s care, I’d been been dealing with a long running ankle issue. Due to current restrictions on travel, my first consultation took place via video conferencing. First, he took the time to walk through my medical history and his friendly manner encouraged me to ask every question I had on... Continue reading

4 July 2020

Wholeheartedly recommend Mr Atkinson to anyone who requires an orthopaedic consultation

 Knee replacement

My 92 year old father has been visiting Mr Atkinson regularly for several years and he has asked me to leave this review on his behalf. He has always found Mr Atkinson to be very helpful, kind, considerate and efficient. He always takes the time to listen to my father and to explain any treatment... Continue reading

29 June 2020

The operation was a huge success. I could not be happier with Mr Makki

 Labrum repair

I was referred to Mr Makki in late December 2019 as I was experiencing glenohumeral subluxation of my right shoulder, most likely due to the fact I have boxed for 15 years. This meant some natural arm movements were difficult and some even resulted in painful dislocation. Mr Makki quickly diagnosed a torn labrum and... Continue reading

16 June 2020

Mr Atkinson’s surgical skills are second to none

 Patellar realignment surgery

One of the things that really stands out about Mr Atkinson is his skill in treating you as a person and not a patient number. I have met several Orthopaedic Consultants and he stands out as by far the most welcoming. He listens and guides, rather than enforces. His manner is warm. His surgical skills... Continue reading

20 May 2020

I cannot express my gratitude strongly enough to Mr McDermott

 Knee arthroscopy for a torn meniscus

I am a 61-year old fit and active sportsman and I have played a number of sports at a high level, so I am familiar with the usual run of injuries that come on a cricket or rugby pitch, or on a squash court.  Over the last few years, golf has been my principle exercise,... Continue reading

8 March 2020

I cannot thank Mr Atkinson enough. My pains are no more!

 Hip Replacement

On 7th December, I was fortunate to have a full Hip Replacement under the care of Mr Henry Atkinson.  I can not thank him and his staff enough. My pains are no more! He made my operation easy for me from the off, fully explaining the method and type of materials he would use.  All... Continue reading

15 February 2020

“I can’t thank Mr Chandrashekar enough for his care and expertise”

 percutaneous Achilles tendon repair

Last April, during a martial arts tournament, I suffered a complete rupture of my left Achilles tendon. Once the diagnosis was confirmed and the treatment protocol defined, I underwent minimally invasive (percutaneous) surgery at London Bridge Hospital to repair the tendon. This was successfully done by Mr Chandrashekar, who discussed and proposed this type of... Continue reading

10 February 2020

Mr Atkinson is one of the best surgeons out there. I cannot thank him enough!

 Knee Arthroscopy

Mr Atkinson has operated on my knee twice and I can honestly say, he’s one of the very best doctors, providing excellent and safe patient care. Mr Atkinson listened to my concerns prior to surgery and thoroughly explained what would happen during the arthroscopy. His post-op care was second to none.  I had regular follow... Continue reading

2 February 2020

Dr Huntley – we are so very grateful

 abdominal cutaneous nerve pulse radiofrequency injection

Dear Dr Huntley, I am very certain that you have received many letters and expressions of thanks from your patients for your medical treatment. But none of them can be as heartfelt and grateful as this one. After her surgery in the Royal Brompton Hospital in early July, both Judy and I hoped for a... Continue reading

21 January 2020

Patient photo

The care I received from Mr Ghassemi was fantastic!

 ATFL tear

Mr Ghassemi couldn’t have been more helpful.  As soon as I saw him, he spotted the severity of my injury and immediately got me the scans and urgent treatment required to ensure I didn’t create any further damage. I couldn’t fault his service. I’m very grateful to have been under his care.  It was fantastic!... Continue reading

5 December 2019