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The care I recieved from Mr Arsan was brilliant from start to finish!

 Endoscopic carpal tunnel release

I’d been suffering for quite a while with pins & needles, numbness and weakness in my fingers. Simple things like using a computer, holding a mobile phone, using a screwdriver, were proving more and more difficult. I tried a number of options to reduce the pain, such as using a different mouse, cortisone injections, but... Continue reading

10 March 2020

I cannot express my gratitude strongly enough to Mr McDermott

 Knee arthroscopy for a torn meniscus

I am a 61-year old fit and active sportsman and I have played a number of sports at a high level, so I am familiar with the usual run of injuries that come on a cricket or rugby pitch, or on a squash court.  Over the last few years, golf has been my principle exercise,... Continue reading

8 March 2020

The care I recieved from Mr Asopa was excellent!

 quadricepts tendon repair

I was away for a long weekend and fell and ruptured my quadriceps tendon. I didn’t realise this at the time, as I was advised by A&E that it was just tissue damage and to ‘rest up and take paracetamol’. After a week, I was still in an enormous amount of pain and upon the... Continue reading

20 February 2020

“I can’t thank Mr Chandrashekar enough for his care and expertise”

 percutaneous Achilles tendon repair

Last April, during a martial arts tournament, I suffered a complete rupture of my left Achilles tendon. Once the diagnosis was confirmed and the treatment protocol defined, I underwent minimally invasive (percutaneous) surgery at London Bridge Hospital to repair the tendon. This was successfully done by Mr Chandrashekar, who discussed and proposed this type of... Continue reading

10 February 2020

Dr Huntley – we are so very grateful

 abdominal cutaneous nerve pulse radiofrequency injection

Dear Dr Huntley, I am very certain that you have received many letters and expressions of thanks from your patients for your medical treatment. But none of them can be as heartfelt and grateful as this one. After her surgery in the Royal Brompton Hospital in early July, both Judy and I hoped for a... Continue reading

21 January 2020

Patient photo

The care I received from Mr Ghassemi was fantastic!

 ATFL tear

Mr Ghassemi couldn’t have been more helpful.  As soon as I saw him, he spotted the severity of my injury and immediately got me the scans and urgent treatment required to ensure I didn’t create any further damage. I couldn’t fault his service. I’m very grateful to have been under his care.  It was fantastic!... Continue reading

5 December 2019

Thanks to Mr Hill, I’ll be back to playing contact sport again soon!

 ACL Reconstruction

In February 2019 I suffered a full rupture of my ACL whilst playing football. On the recommendation of my GP, I met with Mr Hill, who from the outset demonstrated an exceptional level of professionalism and expertise, as well as being able to provide a clear and succinct explanation as to my options, tailored to... Continue reading

18 November 2019


Mr Peter Hill

Thank you for my pain free new life!

 toe joint replacement

Dear Mr Ghassemi, Just a few lines to say thank you for all you have done to enable me to get back on track after the two operations you carried out on both my left and right foot. I had been struggling for some time with regards walking distances, gardening, driving….in fact the pain I... Continue reading

5 November 2019

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Mr Arsan has been absolutely marvellous!

 Distal Biceps Tendon Repair

I ruptured my distal biceps tendon in my right arm in an accident 4 months ago. I am so glad I made the phone call to Mr Arsan. From the moment I walked into his consultation room, to now, Mr Arsan has been completely professional, thorough and thoughtful. As you can imagine, rupturing your biceps... Continue reading

18 October 2019

I cannot recommend Dr Paul highly enough!

 Ankylosing spondylitis

I have suffered with hip and back pain for over three years, but was getting nowhere with previous explorations. I was recommended to see Dr Paul to investigate my problem. He initiated MRI, bone scan and other investigations having, firstly asked me all about my complaints and thoroughly examining me and advising me about what... Continue reading

14 October 2019


Dr Simon Paul

Mr Asopa’s given me 2 new hips and a new lease of life!

 Hip Replacement

My discomfort started around 6 years ago and escalated to intense pain over time. My GP prescribed painkillers and physio. Eventually I was sent for a MRI scan and it showed my right hip was rubbing bone on bone and my left hip still had a tiny bit of spacing between the ball and socket.... Continue reading

18 September 2019

Delighted to be out of pain and resume ‘normal’ life again!

 Knee Arthroscopy (meniscal excision)

I recently started to experience pains in my right knee, which was showing signs of wear and tear due to osteoarthritis and would regularly give way or ‘lock’. The pain was impeding my everyday life and affecting my ability to drive as well as restricting my movement in general. I was constantly in pain and... Continue reading

16 September 2019

Patient photo

“The London Sports Orthopaedics experience has been excellent”


Over the course of 12 months I had increasing back problems which was very much impeding my normal lifestyle. Having always been active, my back problems had reduced my ability to exercise and play sport, as well as making me more tentative doing simple day to day activities. Pain was always there in some manner,... Continue reading

28 August 2019

“Exceptional … the best care I’ve ever received!”

 Knee Arthroscopy (meniscal tear)

I’ve always played a lot of sport and had a number of injuries, but I damaged my knee quite badly a number of years ago when I was at University. Since then, I just put up with having knee pain, but recently the pain just got too much. I had a constant dull ache in... Continue reading

28 August 2019

Your definitive diagnosis has changed my life!


I wanted to write to you to say a huge THANK YOU. I had been suffering with neck problems for over 3 years, saw numerous doctors and had various experimental treatments as they all had no idea what the problem was. The last doctor I saw even suggested it was all in my head and... Continue reading

2 August 2019

ACL reconstruction in a 65-year-old skier

 ACL reconstruction in a 65-year-old skier

Veronica is 65 years young! – and she is an avid skier. Unfortunately, Veronica tore her ACL and her medial meniscus in her knee. Below, Veronica has very kindly put her story down ‘on paper’, and she is an inspiration to any fit and active person who is determined to stay active and to pursue... Continue reading

29 June 2019

Surfing and playing sport again!

 Ligamentous Lisfranc Injury & Internal Fixation

When I first saw Suresh it was about a month after I sustained the injury. During this month I had been to multiple doctors however had been unable to get any certainty around what was wrong, nor any clear treatment plan. I was in considerable pain (particularly when walking), had limited movement and little strength... Continue reading

24 June 2019

Pete’s custom-made knee replacements

 Custom-made knee replacements

Hi Mr McDermott, Just wanted to say thanks so much for the work you did on my knee. The procedure was on 31/7/18, and since then I’ve regularly visited the gym and used my exercise bike and can feel it getting stronger and stronger. But what’s pleased me most is that after a week of walking... Continue reading

10 June 2019