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Izabella’s Custom Knee Replacement Journey

 Conformis Custom Knee Replacement

Izabella suffered from intense knee pain for years and her day-to-day life diminished dramatically.  Like Izabella, many of us keep the mentality that over time things will get better, as it usually does, but healthcare issues should always be addressed. Izabella was a very active 51-year-old. She enjoyed aerobics, Yoga, Zumba, a range of exercises and... Continue reading

25 June 2024

Felt like home

Felt like home I was treated very well by all the staff from all the departments I had to visit. Everyone was super warm empathic and friendly. Dr Suresh Chandrashekar and his medical team gave me the best advice and treatment before and after my operation. Thank you all for your excellent experience and overall... Continue reading

25 June 2024

My New Fantastic Knee

 Right total knee replacement surgery at The Weymouth Street Hospital, with a Conformis iTotal-CR prosthesis.

Dear Mr McDermott, Following my previous email, I thought that I would just drop you a quick note to thank you for sorting my knee out. The knee feels fantastic, not quite a year yet but I can hardly feel any difference between the two of them. I can exercise fully without any hint of... Continue reading

14 March 2024

My triumphant return to skiing

After suffering a torn ACL and a damaged meniscus due to misdiagnoses and a lack of support from the NHS, I was fortunate to discover Mr Ian McDermott. His profound expertise and extensive research in ACL reconstruction using donor tissue immediately instilled confidence in his approach. Unlike the traditional methods that use one’s own tissue,... Continue reading

1 February 2024

A new knee for me!

Following an Arthroscopy in 2016 by Mr. McDermott, it was discovered that my failing Knee would eventually need replacement. My Knee was replaced in September 2023. Throughout this period, I took comfort in the knowledge that at any time I could call upon Mr McDermott and discuss any problems I was experiencing. Not only is... Continue reading

31 January 2024

Rosemary’s journey back to health.

Dear Mr Chandrashekar, Following my image-guided steroid ankle injections in both my ankles, the first of which I had in May 2022 and then again on the 2nd of August, I wanted to let you know that since the injections and the subsequent physio, my Achilles pain and swelling have largely disappeared. My ankle swelling is... Continue reading

31 October 2023

Susan’s custom-made knee replacement surgery

 Custom-made knee replacement

Well before the pandemic & the present NHS crises I was told I had “quite sever arthritis” in both knees.This had been coming on for nearly a decade with my mobility slowly declining. Living in an area where demand out strips the service & being told to return in a years time with no guarantee of joining the waiting list, I... Continue reading

3 December 2022


Mr Peter Hill

Shan’s Conformis custom-made knee replacement

 Custom-made knee replacement

I originally suffered a severely painful episode with a flare-up in my right knee, which was diagnosed by an orthopaedic surgeon as ‘mild arthritis’. Following a change of physiotherapist, I was fortunate to find in Helen Appanah: someone who immediately recognised that I needed a second opinion about my knee, and she recommended Mr Ian... Continue reading

16 October 2022

Flat Foot Correction

 Flat Foot Correction

Abi has had a good recovery from the surgery for flat foot problems and pain. Having had surgery in her late teens for a painful for accessory navicular bone, Abi gradually ended with weakened attachment of the tibialis posterior tendon, at the site where it was originally attached,  and she ended up developing flat foot... Continue reading

30 August 2022

John’s Bunion Surgery

 John's bunion surgery

Many thanks for repairing my feet. Walking is my major kind of exercise, and I take it very seriously. Now I will be able to continue to explore the world by foot!! John.   Continue reading

28 August 2022

Custom-made knee replacement surgery at The Weymouth Street Hospital

 Custom-made knee replacement surgery at The Weymouth Street Hospital

Below are Mr Timothy Prager’s responses about his recent experiences of having his custom-made knee replacement surgery at The Weymouth Street Hospital. How did you feel before the operation (levels of pain, lifestyle restrictions)? Before my knee replacement operation, I had trouble walking, and would wake up in the middle of the night in pain.... Continue reading

18 July 2022

Retired physiotherapist spots own symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis.

 Retired physiotherapist spots own symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis.

Rheumatoid arthritis is an auto-immune disease, meaning that the symptoms such as pain and inflammation are caused by the immune system attacking the joints. Thanks to her training, retired physiotherapist, Helen Rorison, recognised those symptoms and sought help from Dr Simon Paul, consultant rheumatologist at Spire Gatwick Park HospitaI in Horley. Here’s her story…… Eighty-year-old... Continue reading

27 June 2022


Dr Simon Paul

Karen’s custom-made knee replacement

 Custom-made knee replacement

Having played various sports all my life, and sustaining numerous knee injuries in the process, I reached a point where I had developed severe OA in both knees by my mid 50’s.  Over the past 10 years, this had gradually restricted me from running, playing tennis & racquetball and eventually even walking the dog.  Walking... Continue reading

19 February 2022

Patient photo

Removal of metalwork right femur

 Removal of metalwork from femur

“I am writing to thank Mr Atkinson. After three years of terrible pain in my right knee and femur, I am so grateful that the metal is out. I am nearly pain free and can walk without such a limp. I should have done it years ago!” Marilyn, 70 years old Continue reading

27 November 2021

Thank you Mr Atkinson!

 Complex Primary Total Hip Replacement

Over the last weekend I managed to swim one kilometre in the salt water lagoon, then run the five kilometres home. The next day I rode sixty kilometres around the island, and in two weeks I will take part an Olympic distance triathlon, my last one was over four years ago. Today my friends and... Continue reading

19 October 2021

A huge thank you to Miss Beckles. I’m fixed!

 Ultrasound guided steroid injection

I just wanted to say a huge thank you to Miss Beckles. I had a cortisone injection into my left shoulder in January, followed by physio with Scott Branny (Movement Perfected), which I am about to come to an end with. I’m fixed! I just cannot believe it and I’m utterly delighted. I could not... Continue reading

28 July 2021

I cannot thank Miss Beckles enough!


I wanted to express my thanks to Miss Beckles and her team, both for the amazing outcome of my treatment and also for her holistic, human and caring approach. I developed pain in my right shoulder back in February of this year, which rapidly became severe, particularly during the night. Additionally, movement in my shoulder... Continue reading

22 June 2021

I am very grateful to Mr Mark Phillips. I can now play the piano again!


I am a jazz pianist and lived with pain in my left wrist for several years. It came to a point when I had to stop playing the piano and I feared my career was over. The pain restricted all the activities in my daily life. I couldn’t even use the gearstick in the car!... Continue reading

11 May 2021