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Retired physiotherapist spots own symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis.

 Retired physiotherapist spots own symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis.

Rheumatoid arthritis is an auto-immune disease, meaning that the symptoms such as pain and inflammation are caused by the immune system attacking the joints. Thanks to her training, retired physiotherapist, Helen Rorison, recognised those symptoms and sought help from Dr Simon Paul, consultant rheumatologist at Spire Gatwick Park HospitaI in Horley. Here’s her story…… Eighty-year-old... Continue reading

27 June 2022


Dr Simon Paul

Karen’s custom-made knee replacement

 Custom-made knee replacement

Having played various sports all my life, and sustaining numerous knee injuries in the process, I reached a point where I had developed severe OA in both knees by my mid 50’s.  Over the past 10 years, this had gradually restricted me from running, playing tennis & racquetball and eventually even walking the dog.  Walking... Continue reading

19 February 2022

Patient photo

Removal of metalwork right femur

 Removal of metalwork from femur

“I am writing to thank Mr Atkinson. After three years of terrible pain in my right knee and femur, I am so grateful that the metal is out. I am nearly pain free and can walk without such a limp. I should have done it years ago!” Marilyn, 70 years old Continue reading

27 November 2021

Thank you Mr Atkinson!

 Complex Primary Total Hip Replacement

Over the last weekend I managed to swim one kilometre in the salt water lagoon, then run the five kilometres home. The next day I rode sixty kilometres around the island, and in two weeks I will take part an Olympic distance triathlon, my last one was over four years ago. Today my friends and... Continue reading

19 October 2021

A huge thank you to Miss Beckles. I’m fixed!

 Ultrasound guided steroid injection

I just wanted to say a huge thank you to Miss Beckles. I had a cortisone injection into my left shoulder in January, followed by physio with Scott Branny (Movement Perfected), which I am about to come to an end with. I’m fixed! I just cannot believe it and I’m utterly delighted. I could not... Continue reading

28 July 2021

I cannot thank Miss Beckles enough!


I wanted to express my thanks to Miss Beckles and her team, both for the amazing outcome of my treatment and also for her holistic, human and caring approach. I developed pain in my right shoulder back in February of this year, which rapidly became severe, particularly during the night. Additionally, movement in my shoulder... Continue reading

22 June 2021

I am very grateful to Mr Mark Phillips. I can now play the piano again!


I am a jazz pianist and lived with pain in my left wrist for several years. It came to a point when I had to stop playing the piano and I feared my career was over. The pain restricted all the activities in my daily life. I couldn’t even use the gearstick in the car!... Continue reading

11 May 2021

Mr Ghassemi, your advice & surgical skill have been exemplary!

 Keyhole surgery

Dear Mr Ghassemi, Just a quick note to say how amazing you and your team have been. From the very first consultation, you made me feel at ease, and have kept me fully informed of what will be happening. Your advice has been exemplary, along with your surgical skill. My ankle feels so much better... Continue reading

4 May 2021

photo of patient who has successfully been treated for tennis & golfer's elbow, now doing pull ups in the gym

Thanks to Mr Makki, my elbow pain has completely gone!

 PRP injection with dry needling of the tendon

Tennis and golfer’s elbow in my left arm caused me such intense pain, and I’d been living with it for more than six years.  I tried everything – slings, creams, pills, cortisone injections. Nothing worked. The pain was horrible. There was no end to it.  Just doing daily activities, like washing my face, really hurt.... Continue reading

19 April 2021

photo of woman running

Mr Chandrashekar really did change my life!

 ATFL lateral ligament reconstruction

I was referred to Mr Chandrashekar after a year of suffering from repeated ankle sprains and a constant pain in my left ankle despite having intensive physiotherapy on several occasions. Upon seeing me, he immediately knew what was wrong with my ankle. He listened to my concerns and addressed them all. He explained the potential... Continue reading

6 April 2021

I cannot believe the mobility and range of movement in my shoulder! That’s down to the skill and care of Miss Beckles’ surgery

 Rotator Cuff Repair

I have had two reconstructive operations on my right & left shoulders with Miss Beckles. I’m a stage builder and play rugby, so my body has taken quite a bit of abuse! I’m also involved in a roller disco in London Roller Nation. I went over on a wet floor and landed on my left... Continue reading

5 March 2021

Mr Henry Atkinson is an outstanding professional and I would recommend him without reservation!

 Total Knee Replacement

I am pleased to recommend the services of Mr Henry Atkinson. From the initial consultation, through to the final discharge, Mr Atkinson was the consummate professional. He explained the procedure I would undergo in full detail and answered all my queries, so that by the time I entered the hospital, I was fully aware of... Continue reading

4 March 2021

I would definitely recommend Mr Makki. He’s the only specialist who accurately diagnosed the cause of my wrist pain.

 ligament repair and reinforcement of the scapholunate ligament

Mr Makki provided a very professional and human approach to my case. I have been suffering from a wrist injury for almost two years. Mr Makki has been the only specialist that diagnosed what my problem was, in a very accurate way. From the first assessment, I got full confidence in Mr Makki’s skills. He... Continue reading

2 March 2021

Mr Henry Atkinson, has got to be the best surgeon I have ever seen

 total knee replacement

Mr Henry Atkinson, has got to be the best surgeon I have ever seen. If you need a decent surgeon, you can’t go wrong with this man. He cares for you as soon as he sees you, he talks your language, rather than in medical terms, and performs the best surgery. The care I received,... Continue reading

26 February 2021

I can’t thank Mr Atkinson enough for my hip replacement

 Hip Replacement

I can’t thank Mr Atkinson enough for his care, which has culminated in a total hip replacement (Symbios). During his care, he always worked to get the best course of treatment for me, which was trying steroids first, whose effect was very short lived, before my quality of life was so affected, that a hip... Continue reading

16 February 2021

I’m back to doing yoga and typing away at work with no problems!

 cubital tunnel release surgery

I suffered from cubital tunnel syndrome for almost 8 years before I took the plunge to have surgery. This was after all the non-invasive options were not enough to manage it, and the symptoms were starting to become a daily/nightly occurrence. Gradual damage over time to the ulnar nerve meant it had become harder for... Continue reading

26 January 2021

I would highly recommend Mr Ghassemi to anyone considering foot surgery

 Haglund’s deformity surgery

I would like to thank Mr Ghassemi for the surgery he performed in August on my heel. He’s such an expert in his field, highly skilled and extremely professional. From my very first consultation he put me at total ease. He talks to you, rather than at you, and is happy to answer all of... Continue reading

15 January 2021

I’ll soon be back on the football pitch doing what I love!


Dear Ian, I just wanted to say a massive thank you to yourself and your team for everything you did for me since I came to you just over a year ago. Your reassurance and expertise were second to none and your knowledge filled me with confidence since our first consultation. You talked me though... Continue reading

8 January 2021