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“The London Sports Orthopaedics experience has been excellent”


Over the course of 12 months I had increasing back problems which was very much impeding my normal lifestyle. Having always been active, my back problems had reduced my ability to exercise and play sport, as well as making me more tentative doing simple day to day activities. Pain was always there in some manner,... Continue reading

28 August 2019

“Exceptional … the best care I’ve ever received!”

 Knee Arthroscopy (mensical tear)

I’ve always played a lot of sport and had a number of injuries, but I damaged my knee quite badly a number of years ago when I was at University. Since then, I just put up with having knee pain, but recently the pain just got too much. I had a constant dull ache in... Continue reading

28 August 2019

Your definitive diagnosis has changed my life!


I wanted to write to you to say a huge THANK YOU. I had been suffering with neck problems for over 3 years, saw numerous doctors and had various experimental treatments as they all had no idea what the problem was. The last doctor I saw even suggested it was all in my head and... Continue reading

2 August 2019

ACL reconstruction in a 65-year-old skier

 ACL reconstruction in a 65-year-old skier

Veronica is 65 years young! – and she is an avid skier. Unfortunately, Veronica tore her ACL and her medial meniscus in her knee. Below, Veronica has very kindly put her story down ‘on paper’, and she is an inspiration to any fit and active person who is determined to stay active and to pursue... Continue reading

29 June 2019

Surfing and playing sport again!

 Ligamentous Lisfranc Injury & Internal Fixation

When I first saw Suresh it was about a month after I sustained the injury. During this month I had been to multiple doctors however had been unable to get any certainty around what was wrong, nor any clear treatment plan. I was in considerable pain (particularly when walking), had limited movement and little strength... Continue reading

24 June 2019

Pete’s custom-made knee replacements

 Custom-made knee replacements

Hi Mr McDermott, Just wanted to say thanks so much for the work you did on my knee. The procedure was on 31/7/18, and since then I’ve regularly visited the gym and used my exercise bike and can feel it getting stronger and stronger. But what’s pleased me most is that after a week of walking... Continue reading

10 June 2019

Feeling great after my knee op!

 Total Knee Replacement

I had my right knee replaced 10 weeks ago and I’m feeling great! Before the operation my lifestyle was so restrictive. I was in so much pain. I could just about struggle into work and back, but very little else.  Even the pain killers stopped working. Looking back, it was actually pretty grim. The turning... Continue reading

7 June 2019

“I can’t thank you enough”

 Triple Fusion

Hi Suresh I can’t thank you enough for all your help and support during my triple fusion procedure. It’s still early days I know, but each day I progress a little bit more. I bought a few pairs of the FitFlops and gotta say they help a lot. It’s very rare to find a consultant... Continue reading

23 May 2019

“Delighted not to be in pain anymore”

 metatarsal osteotomy

Mr Chandrashekar, I wanted to let you know that my foot is doing really well. We have just returned from a holiday snorkelling and walking barefoot and my toe, other than being a bit stiff, was absolutely fine. I am delighted not to be in pain anymore and back to normal activity and wanted to... Continue reading

28 March 2019

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“Pain free and back at work”

 Custom-made hip replacement

I collided with a rugby post when I was young and fractured my hip. This injury came back to haunt me 30+ years later.  In 2018 I started to feel excruciating pain in my hip. Up until that point, I’d always been very active, but the pain meant that I could no longer do my... Continue reading

21 February 2019

“Exemplary care from Mr Asopa”

 Hip Replacement

As a relatively young and active patient I was surprised to find I needed a hip replacement, but after a year of relentless discomfort and pain, I decided to have the operation and I’m delighted with the outcome. Mr Vipin Asopa gave me great confidence and his training in sports injury and modern techniques in... Continue reading

7 February 2019

“Pain has gone – it’s nothing short of magical”


Over the past 10-15 years, I’ve had regular mild bouts of sciatica, but generally these only lasted only a few days and didn’t particularly affect my daily life. In November 2018 this changed. I experienced severe sciatic pain in my left leg and buttock, which affected my sleep pattern and prevented me from doing any... Continue reading

6 February 2019

“Back to doing what I love most”

 Ankle Arthroscopy

After an active week of skateboarding and playing tennis, I suddenly had a sharp pain in my ankle that wouldn’t go away. A bleak summer then followed, with no sport. After 4-5 months of physio (& seeing a podiatrist) and showing no sign of improvement, I went to see Mr Chandrashekar. After that, everything started... Continue reading

21 January 2019

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“Thinks outside the box”

 Hindfoot Fusion

Mr Henry Atkinson has been my Consultant since 2010. He is very personable, listens patiently and explains any treatments that may be required, not all of which are surgical. He genuinely wants the best possible for me as his patient and doesn’t hesitate to ‘think outside the box’ if it means a better outcome. I... Continue reading

17 January 2019

“Completely healed and able to run again”

 Peroneal Tendon Subluxation Groove Reconstruction

Dr. Chandrashekar has been brilliant for the entire duration of my diagnosis, treatment and recovery. It was an unusual issue in a very specific area and unlike other consultants who had trouble identifying the problem, he was able to pinpoint it every time we met. We explored every non-invasive option before electing for surgery and... Continue reading

16 January 2019

“Having a definitive diagnosis was such a huge relief”

 PRP Injection

Five years ago I was rock climbing in the Lake District when I strained the muscles in my abdominal wall, which might have been okay had I not needed to carry on over a particularly blank and vertical section of cliff face which only made things worse. Of course, there was little other choice, bar... Continue reading

19 December 2018


Dr Kal Parmar

“Back to cycling, yoga & trekking”

 Meniscal and ACL allograft

I had a semi-successful ACL graft performed when I was 17 following a rugby accident in Abu Dhabi. After several smaller issues and degradation of the ACL and meniscus over 15 years, I was put in touch with Mr Ian McDermott about the possibility of grafting a new ACL and meniscus. The operation was performed... Continue reading

10 December 2018

“Thanks to Mr Chandrashekar, I’m playing football again”

 ATF Ligament Repair

I was advised by my GP to see Mr Chandrashekar as my foot didn’t appear to be getting any better after being fouled from football. The MRI scan showed I had torn my ATF ligament. We discussed the treatment options, which were surgery, or rest and physio. We agreed on resting, physio and re-stengthening the... Continue reading

6 December 2018