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Pete’s custom-made knee replacements

 Custom-made knee replacements

Hi Mr McDermott, Just wanted to say thanks so much for the work you did on my knee. The procedure was on 31/7/18, and since then I’ve regularly visited the gym and used my exercise bike and can feel it getting stronger and stronger. But what’s pleased me most is that after a week of walking... Continue reading

10 June 2019

“I can’t thank you enough”

 Triple Fusion

Hi Suresh I can’t thank you enough for all your help and support during my triple fusion procedure. It’s still early days I know, but each day I progress a little bit more. I bought a few pairs of the FitFlops and gotta say they help a lot. It’s very rare to find a consultant... Continue reading

23 May 2019

I would not hesitate to recommend Mr Atkinson. You can’t improve on perfection!


Mr Atkinson filled me with confidence the first time I saw him. He knew straight away what was wrong with my foot, which other people in the medical profession has misdiagnosed for nearly three years! He is a perfect gentleman.  I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone who has a problem. I found... Continue reading

28 April 2019

“Back to doing what I love most”

 Ankle Arthroscopy

After an active week of skateboarding and playing tennis, I suddenly had a sharp pain in my ankle that wouldn’t go away. A bleak summer then followed, with no sport. After 4-5 months of physio (& seeing a podiatrist) and showing no sign of improvement, I went to see Mr Chandrashekar. After that, everything started... Continue reading

21 January 2019

Patient photo

“Thinks outside the box”

 Hindfoot Fusion

Mr Henry Atkinson has been my Consultant since 2010. He is very personable, listens patiently and explains any treatments that may be required, not all of which are surgical. He genuinely wants the best possible for me as his patient and doesn’t hesitate to ‘think outside the box’ if it means a better outcome. I... Continue reading

17 January 2019

“Completely healed and able to run again”

 Peroneal Tendon Subluxation Groove Reconstruction

Dr. Chandrashekar has been brilliant for the entire duration of my diagnosis, treatment and recovery. It was an unusual issue in a very specific area and unlike other consultants who had trouble identifying the problem, he was able to pinpoint it every time we met. We explored every non-invasive option before electing for surgery and... Continue reading

16 January 2019

“Back to cycling, yoga & trekking”

 Meniscal and ACL allograft

I had a semi-successful ACL graft performed when I was 17 following a rugby accident in Abu Dhabi. After several smaller issues and degradation of the ACL and meniscus over 15 years, I was put in touch with Mr Ian McDermott about the possibility of grafting a new ACL and meniscus. The operation was performed... Continue reading

10 December 2018

“Thanks to Mr Chandrashekar, I’m playing football again”

 ATF Ligament Repair

I was advised by my GP to see Mr Chandrashekar as my foot didn’t appear to be getting any better after being fouled from football. The MRI scan showed I had torn my ATF ligament. We discussed the treatment options, which were surgery, or rest and physio. We agreed on resting, physio and re-stengthening the... Continue reading

6 December 2018

“You’ve been fantastic”

 Ankle Arthroscopy & Cheilectomy

After not getting the answers I needed from my GP, I was put in touch with Mr Suresh Chandrashekar for a persistent ankle injury that I’d had for a number of months. He immediately knew something wasn’t right and his suspicions were confirmed in the scan. He was diligent, the operation went fantastically well and... Continue reading

28 November 2018

Fully recovered and back at the gym!

 Meniscal Repair

I came to Peter Hill with a torn meniscus in my left leg that had got caught in my joint. I therefore needed surgery. He was everything you would wish for in a doctor and surgeon: reassuring, professional and empathetic. Due to an impending trip, surgery needed to happen relatively quickly. Peter went the extra... Continue reading

30 October 2018


Mr Peter Hill

Douglas’s Custom-made Knee Replacement

 Custom-made knee replacement

CLICK BELOW to hear Douglas’s experiences of undergoing Conformis custom-made knee replacement surgery with Mr Ian McDermott at London Sports Orthopaedics; CLICK BELOW to watch a video of Douglas’s presentation at The London Custom-Made Knee Surgery Meeting, with his account of undergoing surgery: To see the full summary video from The 2018 London Custom-Made Knee... Continue reading

4 October 2018

Knee arthroscopy for meniscal tear

 Knee arthroscopy for meniscal tear

Hi Ian, I am pleased to say that both my knees are doing extremely well and I have had no pain from them since recovering from the arthroscopy.  Last year, I was part of a team who completed a challenging sponsored trek through the Southern Highlands of Iceland, which involved crossing lava and snow fields,... Continue reading

2 May 2018

Dancers’ Knees

 Dancers' Knees

The level of care that Ian provides to all his patients is unparalleled. The communication with both patients and practitioners is exemplary. He always finds time to answer questions honestly and clearly, and his attention to detail, when performing surgery is brilliant. I entrust all my patients with knee problems into his care, he is... Continue reading

22 April 2018

Richard’s custom-made knee

 Custom-made knee replacement

After suffering from arthritis in both knees and many arthroscopic procedures, I was recommended by Mr Simon Moyes to Mr Ian McDermott for a total knee replacement on my left knee. Mr McDermott recommend a bespoke ConforMIS knee, which took place at the London Bridge Hospital in October 2017. The pre-op discussions where clear and precise... Continue reading

15 April 2018

David’s custom-made knee replacement

 Custom-made knee replacement

Dear Ian On 14th March 2017 I had my left knee replaced — what a difference. When I met you at the London Sports Orthopaedics Clinic you made me feel comfortable and your experience and knowledge provided me with the confidence I needed. You told me what I should be expecting from a total knee... Continue reading

7 March 2018

Pamela’s custom-made knee replacement

 Custom-made knee replacement

Dear Mr McDermott, I can’t thank you enough for your patience and understanding to finally get me there. My case was not straightforward, in that I had an underlying problem with ongoing sinus infections, unfortunately resulting in 2 cancellations. We then had to include a microbiologist from London Bridge Hospital and he gave us both the confidence... Continue reading

18 February 2018

Mr Stephen Card

 Patellofemoral Arthroplasty

I was referred to Ian McDermott after my fourth arthroscopy on my right knee, all of which had provided temporary relief at best and, at worst, been a waste of time.  I was fully expecting him to advise that I would have two choices; A) a full knee replacement, or B) wait until your knee is bad... Continue reading

30 July 2017

Professor Richard Plomin

 Knee arthritis

I was hesitant to consult a knee surgeon about my arthritic knee because I had heard that knee surgeons only want to do surgery. For this reason, I was pleasantly surprised to find that after carefully going through all the options, Mr McDermott suggested that in my case surgery was not advisable. I very much... Continue reading

1 March 2017