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Elizabeth Phu

 ACL Reconstruction

I first saw Mr Atkinson in June 2014 and he was very friendly and understood why I was getting frustrated. I had keyhole surgery in August and he confirmed my fears that I had torn my ACL, which meant I needed a full reconstruction. I decided to have the full surgery in November. Throughout this... Continue reading

17 April 2015

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George Katsaros

 ACL Reconstruction

Dear Mr Atkinson, just wanted to say as one of your patients a big thank you doing such a fantastic job on my knee. It is more than two years on since my op and my knee feels great. I have even managed to play competitive football after major ACL Reconstruction. Thank you so much…you... Continue reading

2 February 2015

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Josh Aziz

 Knee Arthroscopy

I am just writing to extend my greatest thanks to Mr Atkinson and co. For your services. Mr. Atkinson performed an arthroscopy on my left knee in March and I’m very happy to say I have now returned to full exercise and my knee is slowly returning to full strength. Once again thank you for... Continue reading

28 October 2014

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Naomi Balaam

Genuine, caring manner. Superb forward thinking, providing the best patient outcome. Have no hesitation recommending Mr Atkinson Continue reading

31 May 2014

Darren Birch

Darren Birch


Dear Ian, As you know I’ve seen a number of knee consultants over the years, and I have to say that your approach to patient care and advice is excellent and totally refreshing. Thank you. Continue reading

20 October 2012

Robin Allmark

 Hip Replacement

When you live with chronic pain on a daily basis, it becomes so much a part of your life, that you don’t realise just how bad it has become until it has stopped. It is so consuming that it takes over your whole existence. Every movement that you make has to be carefully calculated to... Continue reading

17 July 2012

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Nick Alderman

Ian, I just wanted to drop you a quick note to thank you for your excellent service and professionalism. The recovery has been slow but effective and I am now cycling daily to and from work. In addition I have begun some short runs. I would not hesitate to recommend you to friends and colleagues... Continue reading

16 May 2012

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Julian Baines

 Knee Surgery

I chose Mr McDermott based on his expertise in the field of treating knee problems as I had long term knee issues following many years playing football. Following a successful operation and follow up physiotherapy I have been able to return to playing squash, tennis and golf in the same week without any complaints or... Continue reading

19 February 2010

Laura Procter

 Meniscal Repair

Late May 2008 I managed to damage my knee whilst climbing. It was felt odd at the time. It felt like I had only twisted it but it was very painful to walk on and I could not straighten my leg. The swelling came up the next day when I went to visit the Doctor... Continue reading

17 July 2009

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Julie Davies

 ACL Reconstruction

Most people, including myself, thought I was mad when I told Mr McDermott that I wanted to go ahead with an ACL reconstruction with an 8 week old baby! The motivated part of me was determined to get it done and get back to playing tennis & skiing as quickly as possible, and the lazy... Continue reading

17 January 2009

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Duncan Faircloth

 Knee Arthroscopy

Forty-five years ago I had a cartilage removed from my right knee. It was a very successful operation and allowed me to play many demanding sports (except rugby and soccer) to a high competitive standard. Although the knee would occasionally swell up, an icepack and a good massage would bring the swelling down pretty quickly.... Continue reading

28 March 2008