The Clavadel Rehab Centre


The recovery after major orthopaedic surgery, such as hip or knee replacements, is just as important as the surgery itself!

At London Sports Orthopaedics, we strongly endorse the use of specialised rehab centres for our patients. Many people need that extra bit of assistance and reassurance during the difficult early stages of their post-op rehab, and going straight home after major surgery can be a daunting prospect for many people.

Many of our patients have used The Clavadel Rehab Centre in Guildford, Surrey, and we strongly recommend their services.

The Clavadel can arrange for transport directly from the hospital to their centre, door-to-door, and it provides the perfect environment for patients to get through the first week or so of their post-op recovery:

There are on-site qualified nurses present 24/7, who are very familiar with all of the potential issues that post-op orthopaedic patients might potentially face.

There is a dedicated in-house physiotherapy team with excellent facilities that are absolutely ideal for the intensive hands-on early post-operative rehabilitation that is so essential, if one wants to achieve the best possible long-term outcome after surgery.

As well as treatment rooms and a gym, The Clavadel also has a state-of-the-art hydrotherapy pool, which is a fantastic aid for helping people get going more quickly in the early post-operative recovery period, where full-weight-bearing can be difficult.

All of the above is in a friendly, calm and very comfortable environment that is far more like a ‘rehab hotel’ than a busy turbulent hospital, and The Clavadel is the ideal stepping stone between leaving hospital and then knowing that you’re ready, safe and confident to cope at home, and to then continue with your rehab locally. If ever any of ur patients have any concerns or issues during their stay, the nursing staff at The Clavadel have our contact details, and we are able to liaise with them closely, and The Clavadel are even able to arrange transfers back to hospital if any patient suffers any kind of urgent or emergency issue.

The consultants at London Sports Orthopaedics wholeheartedly support and encourage our patients to make use of the excellent facilities at The Clavadel, and we would encourage you to contact them directly to find out more…