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Fixation of Wrist fractures



Distal radius fractures (Colle's or Smith's types)

These are very common injuries, usually caused by poor friction between feet and ground. They affect all ages. Treatment may range from simple cast/splint immobilisation for fractures that are in a good position for healing (undisplaced), through to manipulation under anaesthesia (MUA), Kirschner or K-Wiring (simple pins often left out through the skin) or internal fixation with a plate.

There has been much debate in recent years as to the best treatment, and all are valid. But surgery is all about choosing interventions wisely and you will be advised carefully about the choices.

The advantage of surgery is the attraction of being able to put the pieces back together and hold them there. This often means that a cast is unnecessary and rehabilitation is quicker. However, the downside is that surgery has risks, such as infection, nerve injury, tendon tethering. You and your surgeon will be able to make a balanced decision about the right treatment for you, and your particular fracture during your consultation.

Here is a video of the open reduction and internal fixation operation being performed by Mr Phillips.


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