What’s news with Ramon?

Ramon TahmassebiOver the past few months, Ramon Tahmassebi has been busy maintaining his interests in sports surgery of the wrist as well making contributions to research and training .

He is one of the first surgeons in London to use a new technique for scapholunate ligament reconstruction. This places a reinforced tendon graft through the bones along a more anatomic axis.

Graft fixation is then secured with a bioresorbable screw. The end result is an incredibly strong reconstruction with very promising early results. Along similar lines, Ramon has also been developing a way to strengthen reconstructions of the distal radio-ulnar joint by augmenting tendon grafts with synthetic materials.

His recent research will be presented at various upcoming meetings. Work on distal radius fractures was accepted by the American Hand Society and an investigation into use of Low Intensity Pulsed Ultrasound for treatment of upper limb fractures will be presented at the upcoming British Hand Society meeting.

Finally, in September, Ramon will convene the King’s Hand Surgery Course that he established in 2013. Surgeons from across the UK will travel to London for a 2 day course that will cover the full spectrum of hand and wrist disorders from trauma to arthritis. He’ll be joined on the course by Livio Di Mascio and Mark Phillips who will also be offering their knowledge and expertise.



6 September 2016