Major milestone as Mr McDermott tops his 250th Vivostat PRF case at London Bridge Hospital

Our Knee Surgeon and Managing Partner, Mr Ian McDermott, has passed yet another major milestone at London Bridge Hospital, having now done over 250 cases where Vivostat PRF® autologous platelet-rich fibrin glue has been used in knee surgery.

Ian was the first surgeon in the UK to use Vivostat PRF® autologous bioactive biological glue in the knee. Vivostat® is a technology and application platform for the fully automated preparation of patient-derived Platelet-Rich Fibrin (PRF). This is not just ‘PRP’ (platelet-rich plasma) – Vivostat PRF is an autologous biocompatible, bioabsorbable, bioactive biological glue that acts as both a glue and a sealant, and that releases growth factors to promote the healing of tissues. Mr McDermott has been using this technology since 2014, and has considerable experience now, having performed more than 250 cases for a number of different knee procedures. These procedures include:

  • Articular cartilage grafting: Vivostat PRF® acts as a glue to help secure Chondrotissue cartilage grafts in place on the surface of a knee joint, and also as a sealant, to keep the cells in place within the grafts. Over time, the growth factors found in Vivostat PRF® are released, which also improves tissue regeneration.
  • Meniscal transplantation: Vivostat PRF® is used to help ‘glue’ the meniscal allograft in place in the joint when replacing a missing meniscus, and again, the growth factors released from the Vivostat PRF® assist with tissue healing.
  • Knee replacements: Here, Vivostat PRF® is used slightly differently, being employed more as a fibrin sealant to raw bone and soft tissue surfaces, to reduce bleeding, which reduces post-operative pain and swelling. This in turn enhances early post-operative recovery, and in combination with the use of Conformis custom-made knee replacements, this contributes to improved patient outcomes.

Mr Jean Cloete, Senior Perfusionist at London Bridge Hospital, preparing Vivostat PRF in theatre.

Mr Tim Gniedziejka, Commercial Director of Sanguine Medical (the UK Vivostat Distributor) states:

I have been impressed by Mr McDermott’s determination to enhance his patients’ experiences and surgical outcomes. His level of care makes him look for new innovative products and regenerative solutions like Vivostat’s new generation platelet rich fibrin biological and bioactive glue. Vivostat PRF is derived from patients’ own blood, making it safer than using traditional fibrin sealants, while also improving outcomes by adding the regenerative benefits of Vivostat, as it contains a very high concentration of platelets, growth factors and antimicrobials that help with the healing process, tissue regeneration and infection prevention.

Mr McDermott’s successes have attracted the attention of other innovative surgeons, so much so that together with Vivostat a Centre of Excellence has been established where Mr McDermott kindly shares his experiences and demonstrates his techniques to peers from all over the world.



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2 February 2019


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