A massive thank you to Mr Chandrashekar. I’m so grateful he was my surgeon.

 anterior talofibular ligament (ATFL) reconstruction (Bostrom Repair)

Just wanted to say a massive thank you to Mr Chandrashekar for my surgery. I’ve never been so well looked after in my life! The whole experience was incredible and I’m so grateful he was my surgeon and consultant.

I was really nervous about staying at London Bridge Hospital, and the whole process of surgery really, but the staff, from porters to nurses, were amazing.

Thank you so much for everything so far. Even though I now have a leg that looks like a Moomin foot (because my leg is in plaster), I already feel better. I’ve honestly never had any medical treatment like this and after the last few months I never thought progress would be possible.

I know it’s really early days, but I’m just so very grateful to Mr Chandrashekar for everything so far, and his expertise.


30 September 2020