“Back to doing what I love most”

 Ankle Arthroscopy

After an active week of skateboarding and playing tennis, I suddenly had a sharp pain in my ankle that wouldn’t go away. A bleak summer then followed, with no sport. After 4-5 months of physio (& seeing a podiatrist) and showing no sign of improvement, I went to see Mr Chandrashekar. After that, everything started to get better! I finally got an accurate diagnosis. He was extremely thorough and discussed all treatment options with me. Once I’d decided on surgery, Mr Chandrashekar was able to organise this quickly. After surgery, he phoned me, every week, for three weeks to make sure I was doing ok and was always there to reassure me and support me in my recovery and rehabilitation.

Mr Chandrashekar was very empathetic to my situation and diligent in his care. He devoted time and energy to me long after the operation. Skateboarding is a big part of my life; my absolute passion and he was determined to help me get back to doing what I love most.
I’m feeling much better now. I went skateboarding last night and it is feeling good. Mr Chandrashekar has given me a few more years of being able to do what I love most, which I am hugely grateful for. I had a really great experience with Mr Chandrashekar and I would have no hesitation about recommending him to other patients.


21 January 2019