Elizabeth Phu

 ACL Reconstruction

I first saw Mr Atkinson in June 2014 and he was very friendly and understood why I was getting frustrated. I had keyhole surgery in August and he confirmed my fears that I had torn my ACL, which meant I needed a full reconstruction. I decided to have the full surgery in November. Throughout this experience Mr Atkinson was helpful because he spoke to me in layman terms and gave me an idea of what I would experience post surgery. I like most people am not enthralled by the idea of surgery but I trusted him to help and I’m so pleased I did because he has restored my faith in the health profession. If you’re unsure of your problem I would highly recommend you seek out Mr Atkinson’s help because he will be able to give you an idea of what is happening and the work he may need to carry out but above all else he will do his job to the highest standard to get you back onto the road of fitness!

17 April 2015

Patient photo