I cannot believe the mobility and range of movement in my shoulder! That’s down to the skill and care of Miss Beckles’ surgery

 Rotator Cuff Repair

I have had two reconstructive operations on my right & left shoulders with Miss Beckles.

I’m a stage builder and play rugby, so my body has taken quite a bit of abuse! I’m also involved in a roller disco in London Roller Nation. I went over on a wet floor and landed on my left shoulder. I knew instantly that I had done something to my shoulder. After a few days and the pain had not dissipated, so I went to A&E and after an initial consultation the hospital referred me to another department, so I asked for a referral letter.

I contacted my medical insurance and they put forward the names of three consultants, which I looked up the internet. I decided to book myself in for an initial consultation with Miss Beckles. After our initial consultation and a few scans, I was given my treatment options, one was physio and the other was surgery.

I initially decided to opt for physio with Dr Sol Abrahams, but his advice was that my shoulder was not going to get better without surgery. I was made fully aware of the risks of having surgery and recovery process, but decided I had to move forward. I was in a very poor condition. I had dislocated the shoulder, but when the ball popped back into the socket, the trauma had torn the rotator cuff.  There was no strength left and moving my arm in any direction was near impossible.

I had rotator cuff repair surgery in February 2019 and now I don’t have any issues with my movement and have got back to 90% mobility, maybe more, which is considered exceptional!

However, during recovery, I put a huge strain on my dominate arm and during a large install, I caused some nerve and vertebra damage. This added to the muscle wastage in my right arm which was beginning to cause issues with my right shoulder. As a result of the nerve damage and muscle wastage, I was finding I was losing lots of mobility in my right arm, to the point when I was having to use my left arm, to help lift my right arm!

I made a follow up appointment with Miss Beckles for my right shoulder. After an initial consultations and scans, I again had two options of surgery or physio to consider. I settled on surgery and agreed a date of 15th Jan 2021.  Now, some 48 days post operation, I cannot believe the mobility and range of movement. It’s too early to see how much strength will return to the arm, but I am feeling very positive regarding the outcome.

Having gone through two shoulder reconstructions and discussed at length with a number of medical professionals, I have put down the success of my shoulder surgery to the skill and care of Miss Beckles. I have been in exceptional hands!

So, a huge ‘thank you’ to Miss Beckles for my shoulder. I am amazed with my recovery and the mobility I’ve already achieved. I cannot thank you and your team enough.

Many thanks,


5 March 2021