I cannot recommend Dr Paul highly enough!

 Ankylosing spondylitis

I have suffered with hip and back pain for over three years, but was getting nowhere with previous explorations. I was recommended to see Dr Paul to investigate my problem. He initiated MRI, bone scan and other investigations having, firstly asked me all about my complaints and thoroughly examining me and advising me about what he believed the problem to be. He recommended a course of physiotherapy prior to the results of the various tests to help ease my pain.

The investigations confirmed Dr Paul’s suspicions and I have been diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis in the hips and Arthritis in part of my spine. He advised me on medication to assist with my pain and how best to manage the day to day living with my condition and also gave me leads on the internet and other sources of information to help.

Dr Paul has left no stone unturned with investigating my condition and indeed due to his thoroughness and medical expertise, he asked for a subsequent test, which has revealed another potentially serious issue which otherwise would not have been found.

I cannot recommend Dr Paul highly enough. My wife and I are so grateful for not only his professional expertise, but also the kindness and support that he has provided.


14 October 2019


Dr Simon Paul