I cannot thank Miss Beckles enough!


I wanted to express my thanks to Miss Beckles and her team, both for the amazing outcome of my treatment and also for her holistic, human and caring approach.

I developed pain in my right shoulder back in February of this year, which rapidly became severe, particularly during the night. Additionally, movement in my shoulder quickly became severely restricted. Although swimming (an important part of my life) was not a possibility due to COVID-19 restrictions, I knew that it would not in any way be possible for me to swim with the pain and restriction in the joint.

I was referred to Miss Beckles in April. She was one of a number of suggestions from my medical insurer and I was firstly impressed that she agreed to see me in person (not all consultants were willing to do this due to COVID-19).

After an initial consultation, and follow up MRI, frozen shoulder was diagnosed. After a discussion of the treatment options, we agreed together that a hydrodilatation would be the best course of action. This procedure took place two weeks later and was carried out by Dr. Vivian Ejindu, Consultant Radiologist. Dr Ejindu went through the procedure in great detail and really helped put me at ease before she began.

Following the procedure, the pain and restriction in the joint rapidly eased. Within two weeks I had probably 80% of movement back. This has continued to improve since.  After just over three weeks, I was swimming front crawl with very little pain or restriction. The motion in the joint continues to improve and I am now largely pain free. It is hard to explain how painful and frustrating frozen shoulder is. The rapid improvement since the procedure has been incredible.

During my two face to face consultations, Miss Beckles went through all my recent medical history and spent considerable amounts of time discussing other health issues that I had at the time. This included an open and non-judgmental discussion around my smoking and I can only say that she was instrumental in my decision to quit.

I have never been treated by a consultant before who was so interested in the holistic picture of my health, rather than the one particular issue for which I was referred. Being treated by someone who actually cares made a huge difference to me personally. For this I cannot thank Miss Beckles enough!


22 June 2021