I can’t thank Mr Atkinson enough for my hip replacement

 Hip Replacement

I can’t thank Mr Atkinson enough for his care, which has culminated in a total hip replacement (Symbios).

During his care, he always worked to get the best course of treatment for me, which was trying steroids first, whose effect was very short lived, before my quality of life was so affected, that a hip replacement was needed.

Seven weeks on I feel great! I am walking without a limp, and have fantastic mobility.

Mr Atkinson was totally profession, obviously is very well informed and has a lot of clinical experience. He explained thoroughly my options beforehand and made sure that I always received the best possible care throughout.

I can’t recommend him highly enough. I have no more shooting pain and I’m no longer waking at 3 and 4am like I was.

Thank you Mr Atkinson!

16 February 2021