I would definitely recommend Mr Makki. He’s the only specialist who accurately diagnosed the cause of my wrist pain.

 ligament repair and reinforcement of the scapholunate ligament

Mr Makki provided a very professional and human approach to my case. I have been suffering from a wrist injury for almost two years. Mr Makki has been the only specialist that diagnosed what my problem was, in a very accurate way.

From the first assessment, I got full confidence in Mr Makki’s skills. He explained to me my injury and possible surgical intervention with amazing hand drawings. In addition, his attitude towards diagnosing my injury was remarkable, always speaking to me in a very human way, listening to my doubts and fears and always making me feel safe about the full process. All the information someone needs to know was perfectly explained and structured to me, and that is something that’s not very common.

The surgery was smooth, and my recovery has been very easy. It does feel that I will be back to normal life very soon!

I would definitely recommend Mr Makki to anyone, he has a perfect balance between professionalism and a very human approach towards his patients.

Thank you very much!



2 March 2021