I’m back to doing yoga and typing away at work with no problems!

 cubital tunnel release surgery

I suffered from cubital tunnel syndrome for almost 8 years before I took the plunge to have surgery. This was after all the non-invasive options were not enough to manage it, and the symptoms were starting to become a daily/nightly occurrence. Gradual damage over time to the ulnar nerve meant it had become harder for me to straighten my fingers, particularly when open palm weight bearing, which is an issue for any yogi!

I was feeling a bit scared and nervous about having surgery, particularly as it was during the COVID epidemic. But the surgery was hugely successful.  I was able to move all my fingers immediately when I came around in the recovery room. The post-op pain was manageable. I didn’t need to take any of the prescribed pain relief and was able to use a cryo-cuff to manage the aching.

I was so impressed with the range of motion I was able to achieve so soon after surgery. I was able to play the piano again, just 6 days post-op and was able to return to desk work after a week. My arm movement is pretty much unrestricted now and my mobility and strength are all returning nicely. I’m back to doing regular yoga and I can already do a plank and downward dog with no pain or discomfort. I feel so grateful to be able to move like this.

I am so thankful to my surgeon, Mr Mark Phillips, for giving me the confidence to proceed with surgery; for his incredible surgical skills and the care and support he gave me throughout my recovery. I would highly recommend him to any patient who needs cubital tunnel release surgery.

I created this Insta-blog, called my_nerves_and_me, to document my surgical & post-op journey. I hope other patients will read it and it will give them the confidence to have surgery and help them with their recovery. https://instagram.com/my_nerves_and_me?igshid=uizrrtu8tiv3


26 January 2021