Mr Chandrashekar really did change my life!

 ATFL lateral ligament reconstruction

I was referred to Mr Chandrashekar after a year of suffering from repeated ankle sprains and a constant pain in my left ankle despite having intensive physiotherapy on several occasions.

Upon seeing me, he immediately knew what was wrong with my ankle. He listened to my concerns and addressed them all. He explained the potential outcomes and promised not to operate unless it was necessary.

I was sent for an MRI and booked in for surgery soon after the appointment.

My surgery went without any complications. Mr Chandrashekar made sure I was given everything I needed to manage the pain before I went home, and had the physiotherapist come in to explain how to walk with the crutches etc. I was never in the dark about my treatment plan.

He answered every single email I sent him, and even offered to help me outside of his working hours at Highgate Hospital when I was worried about an issue with my cast.

I was walking again in a moon boot in under 6 weeks and out of the boot by 8 weeks. The surgery only impacted my movement for a short while. As soon as I was out of the boot, I could already see a massive improvement in my ankles stability.

Within 4 months after the necessary physiotherapy, I was able to perform daily exercise from running to HIIT sessions without any problems. I can finally walk around without worrying about my ankle rolling and have not experienced any pain in my day to day activities. I accidentally misstepped one day and my ankle did not even flinch. I know that my ankle is more stable now than it has ever been, thanks to the work he did.

He was able to identify an issue, that no one else could, for over a year. The surgery he performed allowed me to return to the active lifestyle I enjoyed before my ankle instability began.

Mr Chandrashekar is hands down the best surgeon in his field, and I highly recommend his services to anyone suffering from orthopaedic issues.


6 April 2021

photo of woman running