My grateful thanks to Mr Ghassemi for straightening out my toes!

 Multiple toe straightening

I am writing to express my grateful thanks to Mr Ghassemi for his excellent skills during an operation to straighten out my toes. Having suffered for years with claw-like toes, my foot feels dramatically so much better even though it may take a further few weeks to settle down completely.

Mr Ghassemi is such a warm and friendly man that, even at our first meeting, I was immediately re-assured that I would be in safe hands and that my operation would be worthwhile.

I am now hopeful that he will be prepared to carry out the equivalent operation on my other foot so that, given time, I can continue to go for long, healthy but (soon) painless walks in the future.

I cannot thank him enough for the care and attention I have received from him and the other professional staff at the hospital.

Many, many thanks.


2 November 2020