My recommendation for the excellent Mr Ian McDermott!

 Knee injury

Having sustained a debilitating knee injury in the spring of 2020 (through what I was led to believe was an exercising injury), I sought the assistance of a home physiotherapist.

I was fortunate enough to find and be treated by Aimee Higgs, a Senior MSK and Sports Physiotherapist, who on checking the injury was not happy with the diagnosis I was given by A&E a few weeks earlier  – i.e. that it was purely effusion and I should begin putting weight on my injured leg.

Aimee was concerned enough to immediately refer me to Mr Ian McDermott. I was instantly sent for an MRI and was then seen within the week by Ian.

Ian was absolutely brilliant. In a very simple, yet thoroughly detailed manner, he explained the injury I had sustained, the expected recovery and journey I could expect. The MRI scan was talked through at a leisurely pace and Ian explained his findings to the finest details. It was quite fascinating to learn what had happened, how my body had reacted and why.

He completely dismissed what the A&E doctor had advised and through his advice and quick action (and through Aimee’s continued therapy) my knee improved to a near full recovery within just four months.

I cannot praise Ian enough for his knowledgeable, yet reassuringly personable approach.


15 October 2020