Richard’s custom-made knee

 Custom-made knee replacement

After suffering from arthritis in both knees and many arthroscopic procedures, I was recommended by Mr Simon Moyes to Mr Ian McDermott for a total knee replacement on my left knee. Mr McDermott recommend a bespoke ConforMIS knee, which took place at the London Bridge Hospital in October 2017.

The pre-op discussions where clear and precise as to how the procedure would be carried out and what I should expect post-op. The operation went smoothly and I was up on crutches the following day being able to wash and use the bathroom unaided. I was recommend to hire a Ice machine called Game Ready for 3 weeks, I found this to be an essential aid in recovery and indeed hired the machine for a 3 further weeks. I was discharged from hospital after 3 days and able to drive my automatic car (with the approval of my insurers) after 9 nine days. After 2 weeks post op I was walking with stick and 4 weeks able to take short walks unaided. I was recommended to APPI Wimbledon for physiotherapy twice a week and attended gym to use a recumbent exercise bike to get mobile.

Three months post-op I was walking up to 4 km but still had thoughts of replacing the right knee, as I was still having pain in the right joint.

Six months post-op, I suffer slight stiffness in the morning going down stairs, but after 30 minutes walking around I am fully mobile. The right knee pain has been reduced by 90%, which I suspect is from the support of my newly replaced left knee, and therefore I feel a TKR on the right knee is not necessary at this time. I have decided to wait and see if indeed I need a TKR, or deal with this when the time comes when I feel I can’t go on.

I have close friends and relatives who have had TKR and none have recovered as well or have achieved a 120 degree bend in the joint.

Whatever your circumstances are, the ConforMIS Knee Replacement is worth the extra.

Thank you everyone for you professionalism in my making my TKR a success.

Richard Dalton.

15 April 2018