Surfing and playing sport again!

 Ligamentous Lisfranc Injury & Internal Fixation

When I first saw Suresh it was about a month after I sustained the injury. During this month I had been to multiple doctors however had been unable to get any certainty around what was wrong, nor any clear treatment plan. I was in considerable pain (particularly when walking), had limited movement and little strength in the foot. I had been relatively active prior to the injury, playing basketball, running and exercising at least a few times a week. So to be restricted in what I could do with no definitive idea as to what was wrong was quite difficult.

Suresh acted quickly to identify what was wrong, he was empathetic and provided clear advice. He made sure that I had the right information to make informed decisions about treatment, and ensured I knew what my options were. Following surgery, Suresh provided good support and positive reassurance throughout the recovery process.

It’s now been over 15 months since surgery and I am again able to the things I love including playing sport and surfing. A massive thanks to Suresh and the team for their help in getting me back on track.



24 June 2019