Thank you for my pain free new life!

 toe joint replacement

Dear Mr Ghassemi,

Just a few lines to say thank you for all you have done to enable me to get back on track after the two operations you carried out on both my left and right foot. I had been struggling for some time with regards walking distances, gardening, driving….in fact the pain I was experiencing was restricting me from doing lots of things that I used to do.

Following our first consultation, you quickly diagnosed the problem and formulated a plan that was quickly implemented and the first joint replacement (in my big toe on my left foot) was completed within a very short time. The follow up consultation confirmed that everything had gone very well and I was pain free.

Following that procedure, the second joint replacement (on my big toe on my right foot) was scheduled and just like the first procedure, everything went very well. Just like my left foot, I was now pain free.

One thing that I was concerned about initially was with regards to any ugly scars that might be a legacy of this type of surgery. I should not have worried, as no scaring is visible.

From the start Aria was very professional, friendly, caring and put me at ease straight away. I would not hesitate to recommend Mr Ghassemi to anyone who needs his services.


5 November 2019