Thanks to Mr Hill, I’ll be back to playing contact sport again soon!

 ACL Reconstruction

In February 2019 I suffered a full rupture of my ACL whilst playing football. On the recommendation of my GP, I met with Mr Hill, who from the outset demonstrated an exceptional level of professionalism and expertise, as well as being able to provide a clear and succinct explanation as to my options, tailored to reflect my intent to return to sports such as football, rugby, skiing and squash. When I pressed for additional information or further explanation, Mr Hill was more than happy to oblige, which gave me confidence in selecting my treatment options.

Following our discussions, it was decided that I would have an allograft ACL reconstruction. The surgery took place in April 2019, and was a resounding success. Six months down the line, I am thankful to say that I am back in the gym weightlifting (including squatting, deadlifting, etc) and running and cycling  – without pain. Following my six month post-op testing, it was confirmed that the deficit between the strength in my right (injured) and left (non-injured) leg has been eliminated. I am now in a position to undertake sport-specific rehab with a view, in line with Mr Hill’s initial estimates, to be back playing contact sport by April 2020.

I am immensely grateful to both Mr Hill and the wider team at London Sports Orthopaedics. I really cannot recommend them highly enough.

18 November 2019


Mr Peter Hill