The Conformis iTotal custom-made knee – the very best knee prosthesis on the market!

Conformis: ‘You’re simply the best!

(Told you so!) 😉

Great news (for some of us and our patients) – the 20th annual report of the National Joint Register has recently been published, and this shows that the Conformis iTotal custom-made knee replacement prosthesis gives the best 10-year results of any knee prosthesis on the market, with the lowest revision rates!

The 10-year revision rates for the Conformis iTotal prosthesis are 1.23%, compared to the average figure for all types of knee prosthesis of approximately  5% – which equates to an over 75% reduction in the risk of revision!

Bear in mind that large high-quality studies have shown that gimmicks such as ‘robotic knee surgery’ give no improvement in long-term patient outcomes, whilst at the same time they use standard prostheses that have now been proven to be associated with higher revision rates.

Interestingly, the most popular robot system in the UK is probably the MAKO Robot, and this most commonly tends to be with a Triathlon knee prosthesis (a standard ‘one shape fits all’ off-the-shelf knee). The 10-year revision rate for the Triathlon knee has been shown to be 2.85%. Whilst better than ‘the average prosthesis’, this is a revision rate that is 31% higher than the revision rate with a Conformis knee.

The next point to note is that because of their slightly higher cost, Conformis custom-made knees tend only to be done in the private sector, and therefore they tend to be used for younger, higher-demand patient, one might therefore anticipate that there could be a faster rate of wear and tear, and hence a higher revision rate: the NJR data shows, however, that this fear is not actually borne out, and that the revision rates are significantly lower, not higher.

An exact 3D computer model is created from the CT data of the individual patient’s knee.

An exact 3D computer model is created from the CT data of the individual patient’s knee.

Be aware, also, that Conformis knees have been proven to be associated with significantly reduced revision rates, and they have also been shown to give significantly better knee kinematics and significantly higher patient satisfaction scores.

Add it all together, and we now have a very clear picture that

Conformis custom-made knees are indeed the very best knees on the market!

2023 NJR 20th Annual Report: (see pages 177 – 183)

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Mr Ian McDermott


19 October 2023


Custom-made Knee replacement