LSO at the UK Conformis User Group Meeting, Wembley 2019

Frid 8th Feb saw the LSO Knee Team at their 2nd major venue in 2 weeks, with the UK Conformis User Group Meeting at Wembley Stadium!

LSO has pioneered the use of custom-made knee replacements in the UK, with our knee surgeon, Mr Ian McDermott, having been the 1st surgeon in the UK to implant a Conformis G2 i-Uni custom-made partial knee replacement, and also being the 1st UK surgeon to implant a Conformis iTotal-PS posteriorly-stabilised custom-made total knee replacement.

This year’s meeting was attended by:

  • Mr Mark Augusti, the CEO of Conformis,
  • Mr John Slamin, the Chief Design Engineer at Conformis
  • Mr Marc Quartulli, Conformis’s Head of Clinical Research

and there were presentations from the UK’s leading Conformis knee surgeons, including:

  • Mr Nick Morgan, from Windsor,
  • Mr James Bidwell, from Aberdeen,
  • Mr Stuart Roy, from Cardiff, and
  • our own Mr Ian McDermott, from LSO!

Ian gave two talks at this year’s meeting, on:

  • My Journey: from iUni to iTotal to iDuo to iTotal-PS, and
  • Kinematics of the iTotal-PS knee.

There were also excellent talks from some key international speakers, including:

  • Prof Leif Ryd, from the Karolinska Institute in Sweden, talking about Episealer custom-made focal resurfacing implants – for more info CLICK HERE
  • Mr Henry Clarke, from the MAYO Clinic in the U.S., talking about the iTotal-PS – for more info CLICK HERE

This year’s meeting was a great success, showcasing the increasing volume and weight of evidence demonstrating the significant improvements that can be achieved in patient function and patient satisfaction after knee replacement surgery by the use of a custom-made knee prosthesis.

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9 February 2019