Video Gait Analysis: out of the lab and into your clinic! The London KneeKG Meeting with London Sports Orthopaedics at Quebec House, Weds 4th September 2019.

On Wednesday 4th September we were very kindly and generously hosted by Mr Pierre Gabriel Côté, the Agent-General du Québec, and his team at Quebec House on Pall Mall for The London KneeKG Meeting with Emovi.

The KneeKG is a state-of-the-art video gait analysis system from the Canadian based company Emovi, that allows easy and rapid gait analysis to be performed in the clinical setting. To-date, proper gait analysis has been purely the remit of just research laboratories, due to the space and the extensive kit required, and detailed gait analysis has been slow, complex and difficult to perform. The KneeKG system, however, allows proper gait analysis to be performed with a compact and efficient set of equipment in a small space with just a treadmill, with approximately 10 minutes set-up time and just 45 seconds of walking on the treadmill. The KneeKG software then provides a detailed and comprehensive report, not only giving the patient’s gait data, but also providing a detailed analysis of any potential deficits or abnormalities, allowing easy interpretation of the results to support actual clinical decision-making.

The KneeKG meeting at Quebec House was attended by over 80 practitioners, including Physiotherapists, Osteopaths, Chiropractors and Sports Doctors.

Talks were given by:

  • Mr Ian McDermott, Consultant Knee Surgeon and Managing Partner of LSO
  • Mr Alex Fuentes, the Chief Scientific Officer of Emovi
  • Ms Sarah Ali, Research Physio from 31 Old Broad Street
  • Mr Bruny Surin, the Canadian track and field legend, and winner of a Gold Medal in the 4 x 100m relay at the 1996 Olympics.

At the height of his athletics career Bruny was the 2nd fastest man on the planet, and his records still make him the 7th fastest man ever even today. When Bruny was suffering from problems with his knees, his testing with the KneeKG system allowed his medical team to better focus their treatments with him, which has helped him adapt and manage his knee pain better, so that he has been able to avoid the need for surgery. Nowadays Bruny is an entrepreneur, a philanthropist and a role model, and he is now an International Ambassador for Emovi, promoting the benefits of the KneeKG system.

 Mr Pierre Gabriel Côté and Mr Bruny Surin outside Quebec House.

The talks at the KneeKG meeting covered:

  • The importance of gait analysis in the clinical assessment of patients.
  • The difficulties to-date of performing accurate quantifiable gait analysis, and how so far this has been the remit purely of proper lab-based research facilities.
  • How LSO’s clinic at 31 OBS is the first & only clinic in the UK to-date to have KneeKG system & to embrace this innovative technology.
  • How LSO is currently using the KneeKG both as a functional outcomes assessment tool for ACL and TKR patients, and as a tool to enhance diagnosis and aid in the development of enhanced individualised targeted rehab treatment plans.
  • How Emovi have been using the KneeKG in Canada and the U.S. as an initial diagnosic tool prior to imaging, with the objective of reaching a diagnosis and treatment plan at reduced cost.

At London Sports Orthopaedics, we pride ourselves on the quality of care that we provide to our patients. But shining patient testimonials alone are not enough nowadays, and data is key: and it is detailed outcomes data that actually proves how well a patient might actually be doing. In January 2018 LSO launched its new Research & Outcomes Centre, which is the jewel in our crown at our clinic at 31 Old Broad Street, in the heart of The City. The centre takes pride of place at the front of our clinic, emphasising how important research, audit and outcomes data is to our practice. The Research and Outcomes Centre is also supported now by The Sports Orthopaedics Research Foundation (SORF), which is an independent registered charity, and SORF’s aims are to promote research, audit, training and education in musculoskeletal medicine and orthopaedics:

The Research & Outcomes Centre at 31 Old Broad Street is supported by London Bridge Hospital, and we are lucky to have an excellent Clinical Nurse Specialist and two top notch Research Physios working in the centre, with state-of-the-art kit that allows us to measure our patients’ outcomes at a level of detail unsurpassed by pretty much any other orthopaedic practice that we know. Key to this is the KneeKG system, which takes pride of place within the centre.

KneeKG gait analysis is available now to any patient, not just to the patients from London Sports Orthopaedics. If you’d like to book one of your patients/clients in for a Functional Knee Assessment using the KneeKG at our clinic in 31 Old Broad Street, then please contact our Research Physio Team on  There is no conflict of interest between ROC Research Physios & the patient’s own therapist who is commissioning the assessment — the role of our Research Physios is purely to conduct the assessment, interpret the report and liaise with the referring therapist, but the Research Physio will not actually take over any patient’s rehab treatments.

  • Prices:
    • £100 for Gait Analysis only
    • £100 for Biodex Isokinetic testing only
    • £150 for both tests together
    • £200 for ACL Return-to-play assessments
    • £400 for a package of 4 pre-/post-operative surgical assessments.

If you would like to find out more about our clinic at 31 Old Broad Street, or if you would like to arrange a visit to come and see our Research & Outcomes Centre and find out more about how the LSO Knee Team are using the KneeKG to achieve better outcomes for patients undergoing ACL Reconstruction and Total Knee Replacements, then simply get in touch:

Finally, we would again like to thank Mr Pierre Gabriel Côté and the team from Quebec House for kindly hosting what was an enormously successful event, and for their warm and generous hospitality.

[From left to right: Mr Dominic Toupin, Mr Bruny Surin, Dr Alex Fuentes, Mr Mike Ghazal, Mr Pierre Gabriel Côté, Mr Patrick Philip, Ms Sarah Ali, Mr Ian McDermott.]


Mr Ian McDermott


11 September 2019


Ian McDermott